Factors That Make Mailboxes Change

The number of phishing cases has been increasing over the years. Later, a new mailbox was invented by post office employees to fight mailbox crime. Mail phishing is a low-tech activity, but it’s one of the most annoying. The thieves had their own method of putting plastic bottles coated with a special substance into the slot of the mailbox in the death of night. Later, all kinds of important documents, such as letters, gifts, and checks, will be thrown out. This is definitely no technical content operation. This low-level modus operandi is common in some states in the United States. This behavior is mailbox fishing.

There are already many programs that have been used to combat email phishing. For example, many public area mailboxes are undergoing thorough transformation, and are no longer as easy to be used by thieves as previous mailboxes. The post office staff designed a new mailbox that did not have a drop-down handle and was replaced by a very slender mailbox. They also hosted a number of mailbox design contests to collect a variety of new mailbox styles, all in order to combat mailbox crimes, to eliminate mailbox fishing from the source.

this red mailbox makes this garden vibrant

The transformation of the mailbox has been implemented in many states. This is not a temporary rise, but a heated discussion and careful planning. The authorities said that although the mailbox transformation is becoming the main method, this program has not been forced to promote nationwide. It is only carried out in areas where fishing cases are frequent. I believe that in the future, anti-theft mailboxes will become a main trend. Many years ago, people were not closed at night, they would not lock their bicycles, and they would not be stolen.It may be the reason for the simplicity of the people, or it may be the reason why the items at the time are not expensive.

However, after so many years, everything is slowly changing. Thieves have emerged, cases of theft have occurred and the number is increasing every year.Preventing email fishing begins to become more and more important. This requires multi-party cooperation. The mailbox at that time could only accommodate letters, and other slightly larger items would need to be sent to the local post office.

this mailbox resembles a real house

Nowadays, the mailbox space is getting bigger and bigger, and there are often other slightly more expensive items. This may be one of the reasons for the rising number of mailbox crimes. Under this circumstance, all departments in the United States work closely together. The mailbox fishing to be attacked is not only for cases of lost money, but also closely guard against large-scale criminal acts such as identity theft and bank fraud. In the process of cracking down on mailbox fishing, there have been cases of theft involving a large amount of money. The plot is very serious. Last year, the New York Times reported a total of at least 2,000 mailbox fishing cases, and the number of cases was not rising. In just three months, more than 300 fishing cases occurred.

this wooden mailbox blends with the whole surroundings

Although the mailbox transformation is in full swing, the post office still has to remind the mailbox users to take extra precautions and be vigilant. Relevant suggestions have also been widely disseminated, such as increasing the confidentiality of sent items so that they are not easily exploited by thieves after being stolen. Place the letter at the appropriate time, preferably within a few hours before the pickup time. This is to avoid, the mail is stored in the mailbox for too long, and the thief has theft time. If there is a frequent occurrence of theft in the mailbox, the police will pay special attention to the mailbox and will continue to renovate the mailbox.

this mailbox can be seen anywhere in America

The popularity of new mailboxes has caused some discussion in society. The courier reported that during the mail delivery during this time, he found that the letters in the mailbox were much less than before. It may be because the mailbox phishing incident makes the user intentionally avoid using the mailbox.