Popular Personalized Mailbox Cover Ideas

Since the mailbox has been coming to use in history, it plays a significant role in our life. With the rapid development of modern society, the room of mailbox has been eroded to some extent. However, it is still in demand for us to receive some critical letters and postcards through the letterbox. Thus, we should make our mailbox looks better and more beautiful. Before guests entering into our house, the first impression they have will start not in the front door but even before stepping on to our lawn. If your mailbox is rusty, then it is the perfect timing to go for a personalized mailbox cover.

To beautify your mailbox, you can either design the mailbox cover at home or can pick the best designs and colors you like on the online stores. The main advantages of the DIY mailbox are creating the patterns based on our hobbies and interests, and doing it with your family to have a sweet time together. The primary strengths of purchasing one are that you can choose a fabulous mailbox cover from many enchanting designs, and this will help you save time to do something else.

I was hoping you could take a look at the following personalized mailbox cover ideas, and I believe it will do some help to make the guardian of your house more attractive.

Two personalized mailbox cover you can refer

Cute design with some animal image

animals are cute and will be even more adorable when they appear on the mailbox

Elegant scenery and natural plants

natural beauty enables you to show the natural elegance of your garden or lawn

Natural beauty is one of the unspeakable attractions on earth. You can replicate it on your mailbox post design. For example, sunflowers and lavenders. It is a dual-purpose design. It doesn’t just gather your mails furthermore. You can also put it anywhere in your front door as it enables you to show the natural elegance of your garden or lawn. Moreover, the postman who comes to deliver the letters will surely get a good mood after seeing such an enchanting design.

Besides on animal and scenery inspired mailbox designs, there’s a lot of other elements that you can choose. You can also find some stores to copy the patterns or images of the item your kids like on the appearance of the mailbox. This one is a wonderful choice when you have children at home or in the neighborhood. They will love it.

Great DIY mailbox cover ideas

DIY items have been part of our life in years, such as DIY mug, DIY bag, DIY phone case, DIY photo album. From someday on, DIY mailbox cover helps finish the look of your house.

The wooden mailbox

as for the patterns, you can draw everything you want as that is your letterbox

Before processing the wooden mailbox, it is suggested to pick some softwood materials, which are comparatively easier to cut and convenient to be polished. As for how to distinguish the soft one from the hard one, which is, under common situations, softwood has a lower density, and hardwood comes with a higher density.

If you want to DIY a wooden mailbox, you need to prepare watercolor tools and your imagination. If you are capable of drawing ability, things will be much more smooth. First, you can draw your first draft on the paper. Then, you can copy it on the mailbox with your pencils or marking pens and fill the colors in the design at last. As for the patterns, you can draw everything you want as that is your letterbox. Most people will choose cute animals like dogs, cats, birds, and even the cartoon image of the whole family. Please remember to coat it with a waterproof cover from color fading and choose some durable glue.

The iron letterbox

"to minimize the time that the postman finds your mailbox, you can match some eye-catching colors "

It is a challenge to make a personalized mailbox cover for an iron mailbox. First, you need to apply a thin layer such as the acrylic coating on the surface of the letterbox. Then, to simplify the task, you can design the patterns and pictures on the computer with some software. If you still feel it’s a huge task, you can also find someone professional to help you finish the design and then print it. After this,  much more important things are that picking the proper cover material and measuring the correct size of your mailbox. Otherwise, it may be destroyed easily. To minimize the time that the postman finds your mailbox, you can match some eye-catching colors.

Actually speaking, you are not required to have any special skills to create your mailbox cover. Just give your creativity free reign.

At last, The mailbox is the main thing that associates you with the outside world. It is the symbol of your character. It is also one of the primary impressions of your family that gives to the guests. In a word, mailbox post design carrying a tremendous obligation. Let’s start to make your personalized mailbox cover!