Mailbox Security: What’s the Menace?

The USPS owns the right of delivering mails to mailbox for a long time and this action can be considered as monopolies. Some people don’t agree with this and many of them hold that they are against monopolies because of the economy, but delivering mails to mailboxes directly could raise the issues about security and public security if the organization relaxes the mailbox rules. Some companies are focusing on this issue and make a report about this though the reviews or interviews and something like that.

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There are some effects on public security because the organization relaxes the mailbox rules. According to some studies, if the author relaxes the right to access to mailboxes, the mailbox will be in danger, although some related crimes and some dangers of delivering unsafe items are mostly delivered to others.
In our study, we find that because deliverymen are trained in a different way compared to USPS staffs and the amount to access to mailboxes. But now, only one way to make a survey is comparing two systems through the non-private documents. According to this survey, we found that the last mail could be a main issue. There are some hidden data. In this survey, people who need to send mails send their need to posters who could be the last one to contact the packages. If the point is beyond the area that couriers take charge, the packages can be transferred to USPS. Over the last few years, there are many issues that the dangerous items can not be checked by couriers but by the system. And most of the packages are considered as the suspicious and dangerous items at the last mail.

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The posters arrange those items by checking and screening, however, most of those items were not viewed as dangerous items while the USPS considers them as suspicious. After the system detection, about 60 percent of items are unsafe while the rest of them are suspicious. And there are some difference among the different screening procedures. And if they are sensitive, this difference could be eliminated.If the items are delivered by many couriers, the risk of security could be more. According to those factors, some changes should be done for handling the issues for handing over and take over. If you want to know this fully, more details are needed to prove results.

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This action could make a limitation on the association between organizations and couriers if the mailbox policy is eased. Except some conditions including business, the term is not fit for the posters. Although post offices add some policies to the old one, the crimes will not decrease. And if it is done, the cost will increase rapidly, and also, the complexity will raise rapidly. And the result is that deterrent force will decrease and the information loss might raise because of the inconsistent information.

Some issues should be considered, for example, the public security and the way of delivering. Totally, this action will make an influence on those aspects.Organizations and persons should take the cost and complexity into consideration. One way is that thinking over the balance between the level of relation and the negative effects.

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Lastly, if the political will for relaxing the mailbox rules is so strong, some pilot project in few areas should be prepared. If those tests happen, related organizations should collect a lot of datas to quantify the influence on public security. It is so important to own some information to make the related policy.