History of Mail Service and Mailboxes

When people mention the mailboxes, the first one coming into our mind is the history of mailboxes. Although few persons really know the history of the mailboxes, it is necessary to us to make it clear. In case of the lowly mailboxes did not be invented, everything would be differences and the stream of the culture would be another sight.


All of those started from a person who had a great idea which was inventing a fixed acceptance tool. So the envelope was invented and it became the most earliest communication forms. There were no mailboxes many years ago. And it is known to few people. But after the invention of the mail stamps and stamps were widely used, mailboxes became more and more necessary. Because people known that they could send mails to keep in touch with each other freely. It was so convenient and low-budget that people didn’t need to go to a fixed place to buy postage in person.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, mailboxes were becoming a necessity when people enjoyed the invention of new technology. At that time, postmen delivered mails hand by hand directly without any bills. Although the house mailboxes were very useful, each family owned one mailbox until the beginning of the twentieth century. It could make sure that people would receive the mails and the postmen could finish their task.

A suitable mailbox was very important. To insure the consistency of the mailboxes, the authority made a policy about the mailbox size which was large enough to leave a place for envelopes and magazines and was durable enough to stand the wear and tear of weather and temperature. It should be equipped with an instrument which could be a sign to remind owners to take the mails or to be a sign of arrival mails. Different mailboxes had different styles. The most ordinary mailboxes used in the house were the tunnel-style mailbox. It was designed by a staff working in the post office who was an engineer. In some areas, mailboxes could be decorations installed out side the house.

many people who lived in a distant place needed to send mails to their family members through looking out for any friends who were going to this destination

To make it more convenient, people could post mails at home rather than in a fixed place. It would take the time if the place was far away from hone. At first, mailboxes were installed in the light pillar. And then they are replaced by separate mailboxes.


Many people who lived in a distant place needed to send mails to their family members through looking out for any friends who were going to this destination.It would cost many time and cause the information delay. To meet this demand, some one was organised to be a team which specialized in delivering mails. Soon after, special lines were opened which were more convenient to communicate with each other.

The control of NAPS was transferred to the authority of UK. Some new variation appeared. For example, Franklin became the post master. After took a check in north area and south area, the authority had made a route plan and placed a milestone. The time from New York to Philadelphia had been cut in half.Post office had made a first announcement of profit. All of those changes had been testified to be significative. Many mail routes were opened up. Sending and receiving mails on a regular basis began as a practice between UK and USA.Franklin even got complimented on improving the necessary efficiency. Many plans he made were still put into effect today.

In the second half of the eighteenth century, the authority was endowed with the power of buliding and managing the post service operations after attaining the green light of the related law. The stipulation about the post laws and other terms was planned to make in the second year. When it passed the laws, the general administration was formally established and the amount of the post offices and mail roads were increasing. When the government was removed to Washington, DC, post offices were moved to this place.

How was it working and how it could be an assistance to develop the local transportation?

the American post office was always driven by the attitude of innovation

It went back to the American revolution and the First World War. Both of them can be called two vital milestones in American history. Of course, the post office played an important part especially in the aspect of transportation. In reverse, transportation played a vital role in the aspect of providing a better post service and making sure of delivering effectively and timely. Related departments should come up with an effective solution as soon as possible. Many inventions were still needed to improve the way of delivering. It didn’t matter whether the inventions were successful or losing.

The American post office was always driven by the attitude of innovation and all of them were focusing on designing more efficient ways of delivering mails for customers. In the end of the 19th century, a new way of delivering was developed. This new way not only provided a faster and cheaper mail ways, but also replaced the horses. Using cars to collect mails in New York could be proved to be feasible. The first contract allowing the car delivery had been signed two years later. This came down to deliver the mails from a post office to another. The car driven four point five miles in thirty-five minutes. It can be a proof to convince the government to sign another contract. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the American post office used cars to deliver for many years.But it was stopped for its high cost and fraud. Thirteen years later, special cars were used to delivery mails.

As the population grows and moves, they often worked in one place and lived in another place. The roads were so rough, rugged and dangerous to those pedestrians and horses in many cases. A lot of passengers died of hunger, illness and natural hazard. But nothing can stop the pioneers.To provide the service for increasing population, post offices had signed mail delivery contracts with another ship companies. There were many postal routes. Although the mails should be delivered through the railways, shipping and cars, it can’t be more efficient way.

transportation played a vital role in the aspect of providing a better post service

In the middle of the nineteenth century, some people were organised to be a team to provide a special service for mail post. Because of the severe weather conditions, it was very difficult to drive on the road. But it did not be a stumbling block for those people to organise the pony express. The young staffs were hired and the pony express was given birth and operated in 1860. It only took ten days for the pony express to deliver the first mail. It had been operating for less than a year. Obviously, the transport time had been greatly reduced.

Before the pony express, the railway was the leading transportance to delivery mails. The first railway for delivering mails was built in England and its first operation was in Pennsylvania. The second one which became the first stream locomotive for delivering was the Tom Thumb. It was driven about 10 hours and actually was potential. But in the next year, a faster locomotive appeared. It was so impressive for its speed. And then, railway transport became one of the terms of the contract to delivery mails and combined with the stage service.

many people who lived in a distant place needed to send mails to their family members through looking out for any friends who were going to this destination

The railway mail services were increasing after that the routes were specified by the authority. There were agents to make sure the delivery successful when it was the time of delivery. The function of route agents was sorting mails according to the routing point which should be sent. And it would not be a long time, mails were going to be handed out. The first railway route for delivering was built in 1864. At that time, an ordinary delivery mail truck was driven in this route. And then, other routes were built.The train was considered to be more effective and it was benefit to develop the routes of train service. More than 9000 horses were used to make sure the mails delivered to destination no matter how big or small the villages were.


The post office was established in 1861. After two weeks, Blair was assigned as the post master. At this time, many states had seceded. But the president allowed the post offices to provide service for users in North. And he also made some policies for people from the South and provided the opportunities to work here. This could be a good way for many people who accept those positions and brought their knowledge and cultural level. And some related materials and documents were known to them. The president made an announcement which declared that he would take over the post service of the South. In response to this, the post master stopped to deliver mails. President Reagan was a brilliant post master of the South. But a problem had been bothering this deparment. To correct those mistakes, Reagan made an increase on the price of delivering mails, simplified the routes and cut the wages and staffs. But it was not enough. With the end of the war, the post service recovered gradually.


In the early 19th century, there were folder letters without envelopes. And the address was written on the back of the letters. About forty cities could be covered. Of course the extra payment should be paid to posters. The rest of those people must get their mails to go to post offices. Stamps had been sold in 1847. But many people would rather ask the posters for stamps. It was a sign of the absence of post offices because many people refused to pay the bill when they received mails.

Many years later, mailboxes started to be on the streets of many cities. But the free mail service was offered till 1863. In the last few years, more and more post offices were set up and the range of postal services was getting wider and wider.

in the early 19th century, there were folder letters without envelopes

Many people in remote areas are still not free to send mail. But everything had been changed till 1890. It was a significant change for those people because mails were the only way to communicate with others who lived in another place.For many families, the nearest post office was in many miles away and it would cost a whole day to go and back. A farmer said that he had covered at least 1000 miles in recent years. Because of the long way, farmers often receive mails after it arrives at the post office for few months later. Free delivery of mails to rural areas has been delayed because of the opposition from many people. They said the service would increase the cost of mail delivery. But thanks to the rapid development of transportation, the countryside also has the most convenient and fast roads to the outside world. Because a good road condition can save transportation time, the government started to pay high attention to road construction.


As rural transportation improved, more mail delivery services were provided.They started thinking about how to get something that was not easy to get in the past. The implementation of courier service was quickly opposed by some companies, because it hurt their interests. But because the proportion of rural population was larger, the rural market would be a huge potential market.

Parcel post has long been a hot topic in congress. After a series of heated debates, a Courier company has made a tidy profit. When parcel post became legal through legislation, the post office sent out a lot of parcels every day. It is so important for people to develop the economy and business at this period.

The U.S. government was not aware of the potential of aircraft at that time.At that time, railways and highways were still the main means of mail delivery.After many tests, Congress finally agreed to use airplanes to deliver mail packages. Air mail came into being at the historic moment.