A Beautiful Mailbox Birdhouse Gives Excellent Life Attitude

Sigtuna, where I lived, is an ancient and quiet town in Sweden. Everyone here has a good reading habit, and the mailbox is a standard accessory for the house. What’s more, almost every family will hang a mailbox birdhouse in their yard to provide a shelter for birds.

Residents are no better than luxury homes, famous cars, and only the mailboxes at these entrances to see who can make them look different according to their preferences. They have always believed that life is used to recollect, even if a small mailbox should not be abandoned. Because a small mailbox not only can reveal the host’s occupation, personality, preferences and attitude towards life, but also can make a mailbox birdhouse.

An old mailbox birdhouse can reveal the host's personality, preferences and attitude towards life

There are about 50 households in the town. The first Kamil on the street is a lawyer and an avid poet. His mailbox and birdhouse are made of wood. The appearance of a collection of poems carved into it. The title page reads: Vibrant, like a flower. Every day, the postman opens this collection of poems and throws a large number of books and magazines into Kamil f’s mailbox.

Kami’s mailboxes are open every day and are free to read. His mailbox is also a “book drifting station.” Every day, many people put their books in it, and people who want to read can read them at any time. Kamil E’s mailbox is like a micro-library. Wei Changle is helping people. His mailbox is a sign with a detailed block map and his phone. When you get lost, you can feel free to ask him. Inspired by Bob, his neighbor, Cari, installed a solar panel on his mailbox. When the night falls, the mailbox will light up and illuminate the way when the owner returns home, and also provide convenience to the neighbors.

The lakeside community Malor s home has the same mailbox as the natural ones. In front of a wooden house, there are large clusters of flowers. The owner holds a butterfly-shaped key to open the flowers. He knows that many herbs and bees surround the mailbox. The other family hangs mailbox birdhouse for the birds flying from time to time.

this beautiful mailbox birdhouse can provide a temporary habitat for birds

The owner of a David statue mailbox must be an artist, but looking at this bright body. I don’t know where to write a letter. After waiting for an hour, I waited until the postman came to the secret. He touched David’s head and opened a hole. This letter is the same as the secret room treasure. Far from seeing a big classic car was supported, and when I came closer, it was a classic car. An iron frame supported the old car, and an iron ladder was used. It was only the postman who had to work hard every time to send the letter. With the iron frame, the generation is very high, but it is also used as waste.

this mailbox birdhouse help to change people's attitude towards busy life

Daily TV, bad tugs, microwave ovens, small fighters, and other waste items are the carriers of creative mailboxes. There are also old things called antiques. The mailbox modified by the early Apple computer is not just a simple receipt. It is the beginning of the master’s time to show the information to everyone. Moreover, a Nikon camera is also a live advertisement made by antique camera lovers in front of their doors.