Vintage Mailbox Designs You Can Go With in 2019

Before the internet era, a letter and mails used to be so much essential and bring many emotions to us. The modern generation will never understand that feeling and joy after receiving a written letter from a very close person. That time, keeping a mailbox was an essential part of any house. People used to make lucrative design and innovative decorations. We still feel so good after going through those styles. Now, it is effortless to contact or send an important message via email. However, for some official and government documents or online purchased parcels, the mailbox is still needed. The mailbox is the place where the postman delivers the contents. While looking for a suitable fascinating mailbox, many still value the ancient vintage feelings. Many manufacturers still make those designs to serve the customers. Today, we are discussing a few vintage mailbox designs.

  • Retro Vintage European Mailbox

This wall-mounted vintage mailbox is preferable for those who love and value antique objects. These types of mailboxes will definitely make them nostalgic and remember the past. The mailbox has a vintage yet fresh and modern aura. They have separate ways of inserting and taking out the mails. There is also a lock system to keep your valuable papers secure. The neat and clean look will be fit to any exterior. The black color gives a very classic image.

  • Rust Proof Mailbox

This mailbox is designed like a vintage one, but it is made from polycarbonate plastic, which makes it rust-free and increases longevity. The color will not fade from nature exposure. The vintage mailbox designs inevitably remind the Victorian era. The mailbox will be mounted in a post like a flag. Though it is made from plastic, it does not look like that. The mailbox will make your house more gorgeous.

  • Bronze Vintage Mailbox with Rose Design

A mailbox can be an artistic and spectacular creation. These royal vintage mailbox designs look so elegant and remind us the history. This letter-box is wall-mounted, and there is a rose design on the exterior side. Aluminum is used to make this box. This vintage mailbox is green in color which looks so precious and magnificent. Also, it has a locking system to keep your important papers safe.

  • Red Wall Mount Mailbox

If you want to choose from vintage mailbox designs yet some colorful and wall-mounted designed box for your residence, you may choose this option. This mailbox also has a locking system. There is a separate way of inserting letters and papers. For taking those out, you need to open the compartment with a key. You can place it on any wall as per your preference.

  • Floral Base Mailbox

This design is for those who love to stay near nature. The mailbox can be made from wood according to the manufacturer. It is installed on a stand. The mailbox address or letters are installed on the position. You can plant a colorful flower to make it more graceful. Also, you can add some house plants to make it lovely.

  • Mailbox On A Pedestal

This design is another style that was followed in the past. The design and elegance will surely make the guests astonished. It can be placed anywhere like just outside your external door, near the gate or in the front yard. People will definitely praise your sense of style and taste. The mailbox is made from cast iron, and there is a classic design on the front side.

  • Fleur de Lis Mailbox

Fleur de Lis mailbox will add significant value to your house exterior. It has a mailbox and an address plaque. The letters and big ones like newspapers or magazines can be placed in a large box. The address can be added to the plaque. This is a modern and quite different design. The whole frame is made from cast aluminum. Then bronze is used to give a finishing touch.

  • Conclusion

There are lots of options for choosing a vintage designed mailbox. You can search on the net and check all the reviews. From the reviews, you will get a fair idea about the products. Before confirming your choice, make sure it lasts for a long time and be confident about all the features.