Standard Mailbox Height For Your House

Are you interested in making your mailbox? If yes, then a standard mailbox is the best choice for you. However, it is not easy to make one without understanding the correct specification of what you need.

Therefore, knowing the standard mailbox height is essential because it is one of the requirements when buying or making a mailbox. Here is what to look for in a mailbox.

Requirements for Exterior Environment Mailboxes

The bottom height of the standard mailbox can be 41 inches or low and not higher than 45 inches from the ground. The mailbox that is positioned too high or too low can be a disadvantage to both the owner of the mails and the person delivering the mail.

This is because it will slow down the process or hinder mail delivery by making it impossible for a walking mail delivery person or driving the person to place the mails securely and safely into the mailbox hence choosing the standard mailbox height proven by the postal regulation is the best option because of the efficiency and effectiveness.

Different countries have different mailbox height standards. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you know what your country’s postal service has set as a standard mailbox height.

Installing a Standard Mailbox Post

it is a cedar wood mailbox post, it designs a cross arm to support the mailbox

When installing a mailbox post, you should consider the stability of the mailbox in case it is hit by a vehicle or any other object. The standard post should be 24 inches deep to the ground to avoid the mailbox of bend or fall. The posts that are made from farm equipment such as concrete-filled cans should be avoided.

Also, the metal pipes and concrete posts should be avoided because of the lack of flexibility. The best material recommended by the Federal Highway Administration is 4 inches by 4-inch wooden posts. Metal posts that are made from aluminum or steel are also allowed 2 inches most.

Height Requirements for Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

it is a wall mounted mailbox and it is waterproof

When thinking of attaching your mailbox on the wall outside your house, you should know the specifications of the standard mailbox height of your country as per the postal regulations.

Different countries have different postal regulations with the extreme specification of the quality of wall-mounted mailboxes.

Postal Code Regulations

this is a creamy white curved mailbox

Each country has a specific postal regulation for the mailbox height mounted on the wall because the carrier needs to get free accessibility of the box to deliver the mails comfortably and for this reason, they mandate rules of the mailbox height and the distance from the curb.

The standard size of door slots is also detailed to allow all the sizes of the mails to be delivered. The bottom slot should be 30 inches above the floor to protect the courier from bending too much.

Confirm With Your Courier

When mounting your mailbox, you need to use your common sense and use reasonable height that your courier can reach. Installing your mail so high that your courier can’t access can limit door mail slots.

You can also consult with your courier in case you are building a unique or unusual mailbox that can cause inconveniences while dropping the mails.

Since all your important mails go through your mailbox, you need to have a standard mailbox height that will make your mailbox visible to your courier. The mailbox should be appropriately installed with an excellent physical condition that will provide the postal services with ample time when delivering.