4 Reviews On The Best Locking Mailbox Post For Home Use

For so many reasons people actually prefer to have mailboxes that they can lock. Among such reasons is the need for privacy and security which cannot be overemphasized with the alarming rate of identity theft in urban areas.

In order to prevent the misfortune of identity theft, choosing the right locking mailbox goes beyond having a lock and key. Other factors like shape, size, ability to withstand different weather conditions and the strength of security must also be put into consideration when shopping for a locking mailbox.

I will be sharing my review of the different locking mailboxes to help guide your purchase decision for your residential use:

1.Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside:

Is a mailbox USPS approved for residential use, big enough (with a 21×10.8×11.2 inches dimension) to accept mail bundles without leaking, it is made of heavy-weight galvanized steel, and its anti-pry latch locking system with three keys makes it difficult for invaders to fish your mail. More so, it has a powder-coated finish to improve its durability.

However, if you choose to use this locking mailbox, you stand the risk of getting your mail wet when there’s a heavy downpour, even with its size, it is still not big enough to accommodate magazines, and lastly, key jamming is a likely occurrence.

For me, the fantastic thing about this mailbox, which makes it my favorite, is the fact that it is sturdier and stronger than average mailboxes, and it is affordable especially if you are on a budget. Plus the pros outweigh the cons. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

2.Mailbox Epoch 7106 Locking Mailbox

This is an USPS approved high security locking mailbox that has the same features and functions amazingly just like the Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside.

But two advantages it has over the Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside are that it is waterproof and 21×11.2×13.8 inches dimension is adequate for magazine deliveries. However, this mailbox, just like any other, has its cons. It is too big for residential use, its mail slot is too narrow, and it is heavy and a bit expensive.


3.Architectural Mailboxes Locking Parcel Mailbox

This mailbox is Postmaster General approved and perfect for the delivery of small parcels and mail bundles.

It is sturdy, has a dimension of 18x14x11.5 inches, the doors are reinforced with rubber seals to protect the mails from moisture and dirt; it is durable, long-lasting, easy to install and has a sizeable receiving slot. It is a disadvantage because mails can be fished by small hands, and because it is not as secure as the other two mailboxes mentioned above, it can be opened with a large crowbar.

4.Protex DropBox

If you are a techie or you like techie stuff, then this mailbox is for you.

It has a unique design different from all other locking mailboxes stated in this locking mailbox review. It comes with a 1-9 digit code that is programmed to activate the electric lock.

This electric lock is battery operated, thus making the mailbox suitable for indoor use only because you do not want rain to destroy your mailbox. It is perfect for storing cash, keys, mail torrential and small envelopes. It is also durable, strong, and protected against fishing.

However, using this locking mailbox means that you will have to bore holes into your door since it can work only on doors; its 10x15x4.5 inches dimension makes it too small to accommodate legal-size envelopes.