7 Reflective Mailbox Numbers Ideas in 2019

Though this is an era of internet and smartphone, it is still a necessity to accept letters or physical mails. To solve this purpose we need to install a mailbox just outside our homes and even bring it a unique number so it will be helpful for the postman to deliver the essential letters to the right mailbox. Even from ancient time, people invented many designs and ideas to make the mailbox more lucrative. Various types of mailboxes such as metal, wood or plastic are still in use to make the mailbox look more attractive. Not only mailbox, but you will also find many designs and ideas for the mailbox letters as well. Among them, the reflective mailbox numbers are the most popular one and cheap plan as well. In this article, we are going to show you a few ideas of mailbox number which are well in design and easy to install.

1.BRASS – Self Adhesive Mail Number

These types of reflective mailbox numbers are made from solid brass. The brass color is also beautiful and elegant to look. Commonly, the size may vary from 2 inches to 3 inches depending on the manufacturer. The large and shiny number is very easy elementary to locate and read from a distance. The best side is these numbers, have the adhesive feature. So you do not need any glue, nails or screws to fix it on the mailbox. Just peel off the backside paper and press it on the surface. They can face all types of natural calamities like rain, strong wind, cold or hot weather.

2.Reflective Vinyl Mail Number

If you want a simple yet modern looking reflective mailbox numbers, you may choose Vinyl Mail Number. The premium quality of reflective vinyl is used to make these stickers which look fabulous at your mailbox. Usually, these are 3 inches tall, which can be seen from a great distance. As mentioned above this letter.

3. PVC reflective colorful numbers

those mailbox numbers are colorful from 0 to 8

If you want your mailbox numbers a little bit colorful, you can go with the option. This reflective mailbox numbers are self-adhesive, thick and made from reflective PVC material. These fancy and modern looking letters are found in 8 basic colors. And you can choose your own colors. You can even choose multiple colors and make your mailbox a unique one.

4.Highly Reflective Mailbox Address Plaques

This type of reflective mailbox numbers is engraved on heavy metal (normally aluminum) board which is also double-sided. You can order either horizontal or vertically written letters on the boards. The most popular one is the Diamond Grade with anti-halation type black colored signs. Though the design is a little bit old fashioned, still it looks very good and precious if installed properly.

5.Die-Cut Number Sheets

Are you looking for something uncommon and totally different from the regular type mailbox? This design is very creative and modern at the same time. This ultra-modern mailbox looks like an envelope. The top triangle part is colorful and it works as a solar panel. There is a slit at the side to insert the mails. When mail is inserted, you will get a message on the computer or phone. There is a fingerprint scanner system for opening the mailbox.

6. Gold Reflective Fancy Mailbox Number

Gold mailbox numbers are adhesive and have reflective PVC feature. They do not crack in extreme weather and can be installed on any surface. Normally these are 2-3 inch in size and 1/8 inch thick. The size can vary as well. If anyone likes the old styled letter, this can be an ideal option to try.

7. LED Mailbox Numbers

LED illuminated mailbox numbers are very smart, slick and rich in design and more popular nowadays. Mostly, these are powered by solar energy. So there is no extra cost for power. This can be installed on the mailboxes easily. The letters can be seen at night it looks really beautiful.


If you are looking for modern mail letters, there are plenty of options on the internet. Research thoroughly. Nowadays, the adhesive types are very easy to use because you do not need any additional components. Many manufacturers offer to design according to your choice. You can give order online or visit a shop. Also, there are options for cheap but good quality mailbox letters. Make sure to go through the reviews before buying any of that. Also, make sure that the manufacturer provides the guarantee. The house interior can be improved by choosing the right mailbox letters.