7 Modern Mailbox Ideas You Can Try

In the past, the mailbox was the essential part of any home exterior. People needed to depend on letters for keeping in touch with closed ones. Now, we are living in a digital era. Contacting or reaching for someone is very easy because of the smart devices and computers. Technology is making all the impossible things be a possible one. As everything is becoming electronic, the necessity of letters and physical mails are reducing day by day. But still, it is not entirely gone. Many official letters and online parcel service are still delivered physically. And for that reason, establishing a mailbox is a must. While we think a lot about house architecture, a good and modern mailbox will definitely increase grace and style. Today, we are talking about seven different types of mailbox design, which is spectacular and appropriate for today’s generation. You can choose according to your budget and personal preference.

1.Parcel Mailbox

In this era of internet, online shopping is becoming more popular. This modern mailbox is designed such a way that even parcel with a moderate size can be placed into the mailbox. It has two compartments. The upper section is for letters, important papers, magazines or other small things. The lower part has more space. This is used for parcel or packages. You can add a lock to make it more secure. The mailbox is made from steel. So it is very strong and can face extremely harsh and bad weather.

2.Curved Front Modern Mailbox

This mailbox design is very smart and modern. It is made of steel and increases the elegance of the house exterior. It is wall-mounted with a lock system. The body is curved not bulky in size. It has a top flap. In this modern mailbox, there are slots to place letters, papers and magazines. As the slot is inside the box, the weather cannot ruin the contents and the lock makes it more secure.

3.Wood and Metal Boxy Style Mailbox

These modern looking mailboxes are sleek and very simple in design and wall-mounted easily. Both metal and wood are used to design it. The minimalist design is quite eye-catching. It has a compartment with a wooden door while the compartment box is made from metal.

4.Colorful Wall-mounted Mailbox

You can choose a simple and bright colored such as a red, green, orange or silver modern mailbox. This is a break from the entire dark-colored common mailbox. These type mailboxes are wall-mounted and can be installed easily. There is also a lock under the flap to make it more secure.

5.You’ve Got Mail Design

Are you looking for something uncommon and totally different from the regular type mailbox? This design is very creative and modern at the same time. This ultra-modern mailbox looks like an envelope. The top triangle part is colorful and it works as a solar panel. There is a slit at the side to insert the mails. When mail is inserted, you will get a message on the computer or phone. There is a fingerprint scanner system for opening the mailbox.

6.A mailbox with a simple design

For those who like minimalism and nothing else, this option is best for them. This modern mailbox is bigger than the regular size ones. It has high mechanical resistance. Powder painted metal which is thick and galvanized is used for this mailbox. So there is no tension for rust and it is very strong to face the harsh weather.

7.Original Cow Novelty Mailbox

Looking for something fun, quirky and modern at the same time? If you need to make the mailboxes funky not the common monotonous ones, then this option is for you. This mailbox is shaped like a milkcow. It is cute and cool. It is made on a strong stand. Inside is very spacious for magazines and newspapers.


A beautifully designed mailbox still makes us nostalgic and also increases our happiness while receiving a parcel. Mailbox is not completely eliminated. So choosing a modern mailbox will make your house more majestic and the guests will get to know your taste and style. You will get lots of designs, colors and different in size. Before choosing, go through all the features. Make sure about the material and whether it is going to last long or not. Search online for reviews from the users. Also, there are many budget-friendly solutions as well. No matter which one you choose, the quality has to be the best. The last thing you want is to ruin your necessary papers.