7 Mid-Century Modern Mailbox ideas to try in 2019

There are always a few tweaks that one can make to spruce up the outward home appearance, whether it’s a modest suburban home, a cozy little cul-de-sac or even a stately mansion. One such item that can give a striking and distinct touch is a carefully chosen mailbox. With modern trends of electronic mail, most homeowners are tending to overlook this seemingly extinct relic, but it’s pretty surprising how it can change the whole outlook of the house. While the curvy and shiny varieties of regular modern mailboxes are attractive, nothing beats the allure and grandeur of mid-century modern mailbox designs which can be pretty captivating with their medieval styles. Here are seven mid-century designs that can add that extra finesse to the front porch or entry.

1.The Mid-Century Raunchy Style Mailbox

This classic design is quite bold and stylish, reminiscent of mid-century grandeur and tastes. The basic style of this craft dates back to the times of horse-drawn mailmen carts in the 1950s and yet with a pretty modest and modern touch to it. The detailing on the box makes it pretty exquisite and far from dull. Installing such a work of art at home will definitely make it stand out from the regular neighborhood mailboxes. The thick, variable color and portable size design generally blend in with just about any landscaping design to give a very seamless and pristine overall appearance.

2.The Classical Perched Mailbox

This mid-century modern mailbox is definitely an eye-catcher, and the design dates back to the olden days where the mailbox would be perched upon cobblestones or wooden posts for visibility and easy access. This design is further perfected by the use of a polished and treated wooden mount to give the whole setup an attractive modern finish yet retaining the mid-century charm. This mailbox can even be built from scratch given proper tooling and ample time.

3.The Stainless Square Mailbox

This design is pretty quaint with its mid-century modern mailbox appeal. The square-ish design is basic yet attractive with its centralized slot and low yet long profile. This design is derived from the primary 1960s mailboxes and is the best fitted or mounted on the exterior wall to blend it in with the landscape and to complete the welcoming atmosphere of any home. Its robust stainless steel design can withstand any weather onslaught without compromising its contents at all.

4. The Antique Wall-Mounted Mailbox

This mailbox is definitely a rare masterpiece which is hard to come by. The detailed and ornate exterior gives the mailbox its classical mid-century look coupled together with a modern finish. This particular design is handmade and consists of thick metal which makes it a pretty robust letter keeper that can easily deter any snooper. The convenient wall mounting also makes its attachment pretty easy and gives the front porch a very homely outlook.

5.Triple-Slot Capped Mailbox

This multi-slotted and ‘capped’ mid-century modern mailbox has a very unique and simple look. It derives its design from antique mid-century mailbox designs but with a more square finish. The ‘eaves’ or veranda look is not just an issue of rain covering but it is derived from the old face-cape styles of maidens dressing. The addition of multiple slots is merely aesthetic and not all of them necessarily have to be functional. On some variations of the design, the other slots are even just painted marks and can have different sizes and orientations. Overall, the steel mailbox gives off a very solid and appealing appearance and it can be versatile to mount whether on the wall or on a post.

6.Steel Metal Mailbox

The wall-mounted weld-steel mailbox is definitely a unique design that is also rare to come across. This crude yet beautiful mid-century modern mailbox design has been furnished with a polished granite finish and a cap trimming. The result is an absolute gem which is however hard to come by in any regular store. The mailbox is a perfect fit for old-style manors and mansions and can give the porch a ‘old-money’ look that is both ominous and tasteful.

7.The Grand Hooked Mailbox

Definitely, it is a showstopper. The grand hooked, wall-mounted mailbox is a very fine piece of work. Its overall modern design gives off a very powerful mid-century style with an ornate pair of lower hooks that are standard paper holders. This is pretty reminiscent of the earlier decades where paper deliveries were pretty ordinary and electronic news was unheard. The design, however, fits quite perfectly into modern setups with its quaint and lockable chest and is definitely a welcoming feature for any porch.

All the designs on this list can be easily adapted to suit particular tastes with fine trimmings and additional ornaments. This makes the whole mid-century charm fit seamlessly into the modern landscapes without starkly standing out. Moreover, the resulting outlook is definitely a sight to marvel at.