How to DIY White Mailbox With 4 Steps

this is a modern medium mailbox with a red flag
White Mailbox Post

Having a white mailbox post is splendid and can make a feeling of a room or include features. Fashioners frequently utilize the shading white to cause rooms to appear to be bigger and increasingly open.

A portion of the positive implications that white can pass on incorporate neatness, freshness, and effortlessness. The shading white regularly appears to be a clean slate, symbolizing a fresh start or a new beginning. Truly indeed it is essential for us to have our mailbox post, not just an ordinary one but a white mailbox post that can fit our style that can bring out the glamour on the outer part of our home.


Talking about the durability of a mailbox post, several companies offer durable tools and materials in making your mailbox post. Below are the three types of white mailbox post materials you would like to consider with regards to the sturdiness of your mailbox post.


this is a steel material white mailbox, it designs a cross arm, one is mailbox, the other one is a plant pot for decorating

Postboxes developed from steel convey remarkable strength, oppose harm, and give long stretches of low-upkeep administration. The majority of our steel letter drops have a powder-covered completion to withstand rust and the components.


this is an aluminum mailbox, the cover is powder coated for increasing their use life

Aluminum mailboxes are incredibly reliable, sturdy, lightweight, and appealing. They oppose erosion, won’t rust and hold their appearance for a considerable length of time. Moreover, powder-covered completion delays their life expectancy.


this is a plastic mailbox, the plastic material will never be rusted, so it can keep in a great look in long time

Plastic letterboxes are sturdy, simple to keep up, and will never rust. They consolidate a bright inhibitor that opposes enduring and blurring, guaranteeing that the letter drop will hold great looks.


Below are the materials needed to build your very own DIY white mailbox post. Always take note that it is still better to have the best quality than a cheap one. Quality over quantity!

this is a kind of gibraltar mailbox post, the white mailbox with two potted flowers present a wonderful scene

– 4″ x 4″  wooden post (about 6 feet long)

– Circular Saw

– Post digger

– Bag of concrete mix

– Post Level (for your mailbox will not be crooked  to make sure your mailbox post isn’t crooked)

– 1″ thick piece of wood 

– Ruler or measuring tape

– Chisel


The initial step of the carpentry task is to assemble the edge of the white mailbox post support. As should be evident in the plans, you have to make a cross-formed help out of 4×4 timber. If you need to improve the appearance of your task, I suggest you utilize 6×6 wood.

Cut out scores in the parts, as to get an appropriate joint. Include waterproof paste and addition a few screws to get an unbending fitting.  Get a proper joint.


this white mailbox Includes a decorative post and a mailbox support arm with paper holder
STEP Letterbox

The second stage is to add an improving prop to the white mailbox post. I suggest you assemble the prop out of 2×4 wood. Cut the two finishes of the support at 45 degrees, by utilizing a decent miter/round observed.

Adjust the prop at the two finishes, focus it, drill pilot gaps, and supplement 3 1/2″ aroused screws into the help. Ensure you countersink the leader of the screws if you need to get a pleasant appearance.

You could likewise add an enriching top to the wooden post, on the off chance that you need to enhance your task and to make it one of a kind. Pick a lid that fits the plan of your yard and house and locks it to the post with waterproof paste.


this is a kind of post mount heavy duty rural mailbox
White Classic Mailbox

Next would be building the white mailbox post; I highly suggest you set it into spot appropriately. In this way, dive a 24″ profound gap into the ground, fit a cylinder structure, and set the post into place.

In the wake of pipes the post with a soul level, I prescribe you to prop it with help on two opposite bearings. Fill the gaps with concrete and level the surface with a trowel. Let the solid dry out for a few days.


Put a white paint into the post and the mailbox itself because white is a good thing to match the design of your style and like what I said, white represents elegance and charm.


To wrap things up, you need to deal with the completing contacts. Subsequently, fill the gaps and the splits with wood filler and let it dry out for a few hours, before sanding the surface with 120-coarseness sandpaper.

this is white mailbox, it is placed in the plant, presenting a very elegant scene

Other than the various post box styles, materials, sizes, and hues to browse, there are a few highlights to consider. They incorporate locks, back access entryways, and implicit compartments that hold papers and magazines.


Mortgage holders who are worried about mail burglary ought to think about a locking letterbox. Our locking post-boxes join security and style for most extreme genuine feelings of serenity. 


A back access letterbox gives included security since mail is taken care of far from the street. These letter drops are perfect for any individual who lives on a bustling road or has little youngsters. There are a few distinctive post-mount, and across the board, letter drops that grant mail access through a helpful back access entryway.


If you’re looking for a customary curbside post box, there are a lot of appealing choices and styles to look over.


On the off chance that you get loads of magazines or papers, mail can flood your letter drop or cause harm. Luckily, has a marvelous arrangement: a convenient inherent compartment on the post that holds documents and magazines. It can likewise store little packages.

this is a custom metal mailbox, it composed with a mailbox and an anchor post kit


Mailbox establishes a stable and enduring effect since it’s the principal thing guests see as they approach your living arrangement. Regardless of whether you need to improve your home’s appearance with another embellishing post box, need a locking letter box to verify bundles, or it’s time to supplant your current post box, it is your own decision on what will be the concept: character and the style of your white mailbox post.