Guide To Build And Mailbox Height Requirements

Knowing the required height requirements for your mailbox is imperative, if you want to adhere to the requirements set out by the postal bodies of your country. Each postal carrier body has rules set in place to make the delivery of mail and parcels easier for government employees as well as employees of private mail carriers.
They must follow the same requirements as produced mailboxes so that anyone can easily and quickly access your mail. Furthermore, if you are not sure of the height of the mailbox for your DIY mailbox, then you should make sure that you build one that meets your country’s postal requirements.

Mailbox Height Requirements and Guidelines

Most of the mailboxes are the curbside, wall-mounted or a door slot.

A) Curbside Mailboxes Height Requirements:

  1. The standard height of the mailbox is 42 “from the base of the mailbox to the floor. The height specifications for mailboxes are versatile and can be between 41 to 45 inches.
  2. It should be 6 to 8 “from the rear of the road or shoulder. The bottom should be between 6 and 8.”
  3. Your home figures should be labeled with paint or stickers, obviously in the mailbox. Every amount should be at least one inch big. Naturally, when creating a brick mailbox, you’d like to use a cast stone digit box. Mailbox numbers should also be on the top of your mailbox, usually leading to a more prominent location for the postal carrier.
  4. You must separate your attitude to the mailbox from the obstacles and be conveniently situated so that you do not have to abandon your car. The postmaster could otherwise prevent service delivery.
  5. Please note that if your mailbox is located in a separate road from the house, you specify a street address incomplete.
  6. At least two meters from the curve or slope of the highway must be put Mailboxes to guarantee that the driver can store his car without creating a traffic jam.
  7. Creating it easy for the email provider to find it rapidly, each mailbox must have a mailbox flag.
  8. Every layout should be provided to your local post offices to inspect, and you will receive the authorization binding and clearance in your building from holding the mailbox if he/she is happy that it fulfills the height necessity.

B) Wall-Mounted Mailboxes Height Requirements:

  1. Wall-mounted mailboxes do not collapse. It is worth mentioning.
  2. When you open or close the box, the wall-mounted mailbox should be simple to use.
  3. However, it is essential to verify that local regulations and others comply.
  4. Besides, it would be best if you let your local mail carrier know that an assembled mailbox is available to facilitate mail delivery.

C) Door Slots Height Requirements:

  1. At least 1 to 1/2 inches broad and 7 inches long must be rectangular opening.
  2. When an inside hollow is used to improve the privacy of the hooded part, it can not be placed horizontally below the bottom of the slot in the external plate, or vertically past the side of the external plate, closest to the door’s curved edge.
  3. The cap must be 2-1/16 inches beyond the gate inside.
  4. A flap with a hinge must have the socket.
  5. At least 30 centimeters above the ground must be the base of the box.

As you can see, those are some simple mailbox which will help to set up your mailbox height. Remember to consult your local postmaster with the plans you have for your mailbox to receive approval since all mailboxes must meet the postmaster general’s mailbox requirements before you can begin construction.
If you plan to build your mailbox, it must fulfill the same requirements as manufactured boxes so that the plans were shown for approval for your local postmaster.