Fresh yet Cool Copper Mailbox Ideas

It would be wrong to say that letters have become defunct ever since the electronic mails and short messages became the fastest as well cheapest methods of communication. Writing letters and delivering them to the others is indeed not common but still a part of our life. Likewise, the mailboxes are always a night décor for the home. Well, we have got some copper mailboxes that will refresh the golden times and give a retro touch to the exterior of your home.

  • Mission Style Mailbox
the outdoor mailbox is made of copper and the mailbox numbers are painted on the pillar that supports the mailbox, there is a lamp on the top of the mailbox

The copper mailboxes recall the exterior designing trends of the pre-industrial age. A long stem at the rear served as the base with a dome at the top as a styling classified as the Mannerism and a lamp just above the mailbox. This styling was very dominantly witnesses during the 19 and 20th centuries. While if you put this type of mailbox in front of your home, every visitor would first prefer taking a selfie with it.

  • Charolais Farm Mailbox
the mailbox with a copper flag surrounded by a field of lavender is colored with copper and the pillar that supports the box is white

Moving a bit behind the pre-industrial age, you will fall into the post-medieval era, where the copper mailbox was mostly chosen because of its lower price and lightweight needing less effort to get it fixed. Such an example could also be acquired today, especially when you are living somewhere around the countryside where you have lush green pastures and flowers spread all around the scape. The Charolais mailbox would enrich the exterior beauty with its shady structure and eye-catching design.

  • Ombre Mailbox
the mailbox is colored with copper, the pillar is black, below the box a hole is design for newspapers and there is a flower pot on the left

Would you prefer spending half a grand on a DIY copper mailbox which you can get in half of that price? The Ombre mailbox is definitely a design from the late 18th and early 19th century. However, in the present age, it is among the most expensive copper mailboxes you can find. Though elegant, lucrative, and styling, if you get the same thing at a low price, that would always be beneficial. Besides the mailbox, you get a newspaper holder and a flower pot in this design.

  • Classic Mailbox

Simplicity is always attractive! This weather-resistant copper and aluminum mailbox also join in from the history, which was once a part of the railroad runners’ homes. It has experienced the wild-west, the Sioux war, and many other incidents. Also, in every era, it looked elegant. Well, nowadays it is just working as a beautification model for the homes.

  • Kingston Black Curbside Mailbox

Every example of the copper mailbox comes from history. Just like the classic mailbox on our list, this Kingston Black Curbside Mailbox is also an old collectible product that is remastered with the lighter material. Well, it is also available in some other shades, but this one is a bit more attractive.

  • Bungalow Black Architectural Mailbox
the mailbox is black except the handle, the flag and the edge of the door are champagne and it is a stardand mailbox

The architectural concepts have surely changed a lot, revising the entire structure of the housing schemes. While when it comes to utilizing copper to the house exterior design, some concepts remain constant. This Bungalow Black mailbox is a living example of the copper mailboxes that have retained their styling. Though the color scheme has turned digital and the magnetic wraps have replaced the older glued wrapping concepts. However, the elegance is still there. Fix it up in front of your home’s façade and see how every visitor responds on seeing this beautiful mailbox.

  • Sandpiper Mailbox
this mailbox is painted with 5 birds on the ground

Bored of the vintage and old designs, then here we have a Sandpiper str weaver mailbox. It is the same old design, but it is wrapped in the new fascinating colors. Moreover, for weather protection, lacquer has been added to the image. So, would you like having a modern crisp of a historic design mailbox at your home? Cannot expect much from the jealous visitors, but for sure every other person would admire your new mailbox.

The nature with the “I” has plenty of home décor products. From a long-running chain of similar designs, we found this unique mailbox. It is a wall-mount designed using a copied pattern. While it looks great if you are looking to add a historical touch to your home.

  • Conclusion

These are the best designs so far for the copper mailboxes. We are continuously checking for the fresh designs that can bring bright ideas to our readers to beautify their homes. Well, this is not all, soon as the new designs come in, we would bring that for you as well. While making sure you pick the right design that would match the exterior of your home.