Best Vintage Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Nowadays having a mailbox outside your house is like a fashion. In past letters were delivered hand to hand but in the mid of the 19th century. Also, at the start of this era, the mailboxes were used to be made up of Glasses because of the transparency as the owner of that mailbox can see the letters inside that.

However, now in modern days, mailboxes are commonly attached to the walls of the house, which is known as Wall-Mounted Mailbox. The main reason why it is invented is because of security issues. However, some individuals say it’s okay because our mailboxes are also safe from the rain which gives them rust as the mailboxes are usually made up of metals while somewhere mailboxes are also made by wood.

List Of Top 15 Best Vintage Wall-Mounted Mailbox:

  • French Twist
  • Arts and Crafts Style
  • Nordic Classic
  • Vertical Victorian
  • Embossed Emblem
  • Hand Hammered
  • Winter Magnetic Mailbox
  • Deco Detailing
  • Well Aged
  • Natural Charm
  • Colonial Style
  • Rugged Wrangler
  • Stenciled Statement
  • Personalized Plaque
  • Simple and Silvery

1.French Twist

Blink Manufacturing manufactures the French Twist. This vintage wall-mount mailbox is made up of pure Galvanized Steel which comes with a painted panel.

2.Arts and Crafts Style

Arts And Crafts Style is another vintage mailbox which is manufactured by Arroyo Craftsman. This mailbox is different from the first one as this is made up of Patinated Solid Base.

3. Nordic Classic

The Lidab builds another Vintage Mailbox is known as Nordic Classic as it has a classic look and is made up of Galvanized Steel which is Coated with Powder.

4.Vertical Victorian

Special Lite Products Company manufactures vertical Victorian famous for its unique name with Powder Coated Aluminium.

5.Embossed Emblem

Architectural Mailboxes Company makes the Embossed Emblem Wall Mount Vintage Mailbox and this mailbox contains Stainless Stell with Antiqued Brass Platingļ¼Ž

6.Hand Hammered

Hand Hammered is famous because it is purely made by hand, and it is telling itself in his name. This mailbox is manufactured by Waterglass Studios. This Vintage Mailbox is made up of Copper as well as with an Oxidized Antiqued Finish.

7.Winter Magnetic Mailbox

Winter Magnetic Mailbox is one of the most attractive mailboxes which was made from premium grade magnetic PVC. And a baby deer is lying on the ground dressed in a blue sweater. It looks pretty warm and cute if someone uses it as the decoration for the house.

8.Deco Detailing

The Rejuvenation company created Deco Detailing Mailbox which was famous as it was made up of Lacquered Polished Brass and also it gives some different look compared to other mailboxes.

9.Well Aged

The Well Aged Vintage Wall Mount Mailbox was also manufactured by Salsbury Industries. However, This mailbox is made up of Solid Brass With an Antiqued Finish.

10.Natural Charm

Natural Charm is best for those houses which contains a lot of plots or trees while Streetscape manufactured this and this fantastic vintage mailbox is made up of Brass with a Patinated Finish.

11.Colonial Style

Colonial Style was manufactured by AMCO Corporation and it is also one of the most famous Vintage Wall-Mounted Mailboxes. This Colonial Style was made up of Aluminium with a Powder Coated on it.

12.Rugged Wrangler

The Rugged Wrangler is made up of Aluminium with Solid Brass, but it was manufactured by Gaines’s manufacturing. This Vintage Mailbox was popular in the past among its competitor.

13.Stenciled Statement

The third last Stenciled Statement is also suitable as its name is quite attractive, but it was manufactured by HouseArt, and it is also made up of the same Aluminum with Powder Coated on it.

14.Personalized Plaque

The Personalized is second last in our list as it is also made up of Aluminum with Powder Coated. However, it was also a great Vintage Mailbox and was manufactured by Whitehall Products.

15.Simple and Silvery

Now the last but not the least in our list is Simple and Silvery. It was invented by First Class by Post Master. However, it’s material is a little bit different from others. As it also uses Aluminium but with a satin steel finish.