6 Best Antique Mailbox Ideas in 2019

The word antique means old in Latin, although, the word is always used to refer to the old objects. An antique is something that has a unique feature, and that is continuously collected because of its age, rarity, beauty, utility or even condition. Depending on where you live,  you may have noticed me good looking and old crafted mailboxes on the street, well, they might have lived for decades. Although they are much valuable, legible and longstanding mailboxes.

Antique Rustic Style Large Metal Mailbox

Whether it’s for a farmhouse or porch, a rustic mailbox is known to quickly add some attractiveness and become an additional decoration to your compound. It is a beautiful and functional piece of work well known for indoor wall art and outdoor mailboxes. It has an envelope slot with an open and close lid that protect the letters from rain or extra moisture. It is lightweight and durable with a keyhole hook on the back for easy installation of wall antique mailboxes.

Salsbury Industry 4425 Antique Brass Mailbox

It has a unique feature of being placed either horizontally or vertical either way can do. Salsbury mailbox has a window grid design and an attractive window privacy plate to prevent visibility of your mails. Lastly, the wall-mounted mailbox can be placed anywhere on the surface.

Galvanized Metal Antique Milk Delivery Mailbox

Made of galvanized metal and holes for ventilation. Metal antique delivery mailbox is wall-mounted design that allows it to be used as mailbox and milk delivery at the same time. Although, this mailbox used as a milk delivery box was commonly used in the mid-century for storing delivered milk bottle. It can also be perfect for storing kitchen tools, garden tools, recipe cards and many more.

Salsbury Industry 4440 Antique Brass Column Mailbox

It is handcrafted to provide a custom and attractive look. Salsbury industry is a certified company excelled in the manufacturing field of mailbox since 1936. Antique brass column mailbox is accessed from the front non-locking door and it is also mounted in walls or masonry.

Salbury 4815A-BRZ 4800 Antique Brass Finish, Series Newspaper Holders

Series Newspaper Holder is featured with a durable powder coated finish the coating can be done with either copper, brass, nickel or bronze coating. The mounting hardware is prepared to attach the mailbox, spreaders and mailbox posts easily.  Although, antique newspaper holder is a unique choice for an antique rural mailbox.

Antique Style Heavily Distressed Grey Metal Mailbox

The dimension of this mailbox is 14 height by 10.5 widths by 5.5 lengths. This is mounted on the wall and completed by two nuts or screws hangers in the back of the mail for easy mounting. It has grey and brown letters embedded.

In conclusion, according to postal service spokesperson, the average lifespan of any mailbox is at least 20 years or more, but for antique mailboxes, they are known to stay not less than 100 years. What do some people do with old, decommission mailbox anyway? The answer is that old is gold and the past should be treasured.