6 Easy Ways To Repair Your Brick Mailbox

Do you own a brick mailbox and now it is damaged, or it got hit by a car. Well, If your answer is yes, then this article will guide you how to repair a brick mailbox.

1.First Of All, Try To File A Police Report:

the brick mailbox with a unique arched door has a rustic style,this twisty arched door looks like a gate and the mailbox is inside the door, Importantly, this structure protects mailbox form collisions

If your brick mailbox got hit by a car, whether a neighborhood car or an unknown car passing through your house but hit your mailbox. Before repairing the brick mailbox, you should document a statement of an accident in the police station. Well, not only the mailbox will cost, but also there are some other things which are attached to the mailbox and got damaged which will cost you extra like Sprinkler System, etc. There is also more damage like your sidewalk would be damaged and it may need to get repaired. So many things need to be replaced and washed because they don’t know where the vehicle spilled its fluids. It can be your lawn or garden. If you have already done insurance of your brick mailbox, then it’s okay, but it can also take a long time like months if you’re facing issues with that insurance company. The solution to all this thing is that you can go to the police station and ask for a statement.

2.Don’t Let Them Involve In Finding Any Repairer:

the brick mailbox looks like a house with a white roof, it is designed in only 3 colors white, brick-red and black, the door of the mailbox is perfect for a house door, also, your mail number can be written at the bottom of the mailbox

Suppose you get hit by a car when you were also in your vehicle at this moment, you couldn’t let the owner of another vehicle find a nearby repair shop for you. That’s precisely the same thing happens to your mailbox. There will be a massive issue if you ask them to find a repair shop for your mailbox. And if they do, they will surely look for a cheap shop for your brick mailbox which will not provide that quality of repairing. That’s why insurance helps in these types of situations.

3.Never Throw Your Broken Mailbox Away:

the brick mailbox is more like a flower bed cause all kind of flowers you like can be planted as decorations, also, there is a special place to mark your numbers, if necessary, newspapers can be put in the square hole which is between the numbers and the mailbox

This is not an easy task to find a brick just like as your mailbox that matches accurately to it. Because the origin brick of the mailbox can be found on their official store or franchise. Whereas, An HOA can help and require your brick mailbox to match from many of the bricks which were available from the old house and can be used.

4.Get At least Three Estimates:

this brick mailbox is designed with a bit of slope and the weather proof which make it more structured, the bronzed mailbox matchs with the off white brick for a more sophisticated look

As we mentioned above, insurance companies really help you in these types of situations. If you have insurance of your brick mailbox, you can easily ask them to fix it. First of all, they will require three estimates after you give them estimates they will provide you cash and then you can cash it and call a repairer to fix your brick mailbox.

5.Use New Steel Mailbox Insert every time:

those two brick mailboxes whose appearance is more like a cuboid is so simple that it is going to be pretty easy to make, door number can be marked anywhere you like, the  mailbox is embedded in the interior of the brick and only leave the door as an ornament keep it from being too monotonous

Try to hide your old steel insert don’t give it to anyone. Because when you do a new replacement, it is inexpensive and it can be much stronger than the original one. Getting a box will be a plus point as it will prevent rust and other types of things.

6.Brick Mailbox Water Sealed Should Work:

Once your brick mailbox is repaired or fixed, you just need to wait for a month like 30 days just to make sure that the brick water repellant sealer is being used. Your mailbox brick does not have anything to prevent rain like shed. During the bricks, you use for your houses. After every few years, the life of the mailbox structure will be extended.