How To Replace A Broken Granite Mailbox Post

This article will address how to replace granite mailbox posts that are broken. The first step to replace the Granite Mailbox Post is to source new posts. You need the same size posts to match existing posts on the property. 

Dig out the Post:

The goal is to dig down to the bottom of the post and then lift out the broken base. It is easier said than done. First, you have to excavate and remove the grass and sprinkler heads located at each post and bent them back out of the way. Try to save the grass chucks with the intent of reusing them later.

Then you need digging down slightly wider than the post to the post base depth. Once the hole was dug using a large metal bar called a rock bar and pried the post base out from between the pavement, curb and granite starter step.

This makes some effort and you can even try it using a combination of prying and a sledgehammer to move the post base back and forth to loosen it up a bit.

Move the Post into your Hole:

this is a kind of granite black mailbox  with basket plant

The best is to use the rock bar to completely bet the post base into the new hole you dug. If you’re were able to get a chain around the post and use a combination of the rock bar and pulling on the chain to remove the Granite Mailbox Post base.

This is a much easier job with two people. If you’re alone, you can use the pry bar and then place the wheel barrel tire over it to hold the post base elevated in the hole. After that, grab the chain and pulled the granite base out of the hole – tough work!

Clean out the hole:

there are two granite black mailboxes

Now you need to clean out the hole to get ready to install the new Granite Mailbox Post. Using a small gardener shovel to do this and my hands. A shop vacuum works well too.

Try to use a tape measure to confirm that the hole is deep enough. Taking some time here to get this right will save you in time and aggravation later trying to level the Granite Mailbox Post to the same height.

Inserting the New Post:

this is a black mailbox, it designs a cross arm, one can support the mailbox, the other one can be decorated beautiful

Again this works better with two people. For aesthetics, make sure that the “cut” or smooth end of the post went into the ground and that the “rough” top was visible. Place the post on the ground near the hole with the intention of using it to rest the granite onto and use as a fulcrum to tile into the hole. It will work perfectly. Lower the granite and then use the rock bar and some manual post twisting and back and forth movements to get the post into position.

Tamping ensures that the disturbed soil regains its structural strength and holds the Granite Mailbox Post from moving. You can use it on the pavement and masonry sides to keep the grass and weeds from growing there. Stone dust is pulverized stone that is perfect for filling between stone materials on walks and other grout type applications.