How to Make Personalized Mailbox Covers

If you want a beautiful mailbox cover with little cost, you must read this article to learn how to make a personalized mailbox cover. Let’s get it!!


there are several attractive mailboxes made in hand,

First, please prepare the following things:

Pencil, tape measure, acrylic paints, scissors, magnetic and outdoor decoupage medium.

And then, there are tips for you, please read it carefully.  We often change the mailbox covers for festivals and seasons. If the outside temperature is over high or over low, please go inside to make the mailbox cover. Only in this way, the adhesive can work the best effect.

We suggest you that you can do it with your families. If you have kids, the process of making covers will be a great family time. Also, you can make many covers as gifts for your relatives, neighbors and friends.


this is a blue patriots style mailbox cover which is great for you

You must write down the right address by a permanent maker. Otherwise, you may not receive your mails, because the mail man can’t find your mailbox.

Everyone who is the first time to visit your home, the mailbox address will help him or she find your house quickly. and a mailbox cover does not need to much money, it can look very great. In fact,  if you has some materials, you can make a charming mailbox cover by free.


Paint a craft will help you to make mailbox covers quickly. Because you know what you want and what you should do.

Using the soft measuring tape to ensure the mailbox dimension. You can measure it from the bottom of mailbox, over the top of mailbox, to the other side of mailbox. And then measure the mailbox from the front side to the back side. The most important is that you should write down the dimensions.

Then you can use scissors to cut down a wallpaper, an old cloth or a gift bag in the mailbox dimension. For some special days, such as birthday, festival or season, you can find some beautiful pictures from computer to print, and add colors.

Warp the printed pictures and gift decorations to prevent it go bad from the weather condition. The mall may provide gift bags on around the Christmas day and Halloween festival. You can leave those bags for decoration.

Paint a continuous straight line on the mailbox surface. and then use the spatula to help you weep the adhesive. We must weep the adhesive carefully to ensure the mailbox is covered.

If your mailbox do not has a laminate cover, you can cover with a clear acrylic craft spray.

And then, you can put the magnetic cover the mailbox. Please remember to cut a little hole on the side of mailbox to place the mailbox flag.

Now, let’s do it by ourself. You would better make mailbox covers in the standard size. If it is a large mailbox, it might spend much to change the mailbox covers style. And we can make many charming mailbox covers as gifts for our friends.