How to Make Magnetic Mailbox Covers

It is time to charm your neighbors with this attractive, sensational, and simple look of your mailbox cover. The use of a magnet keeps the cover reassuring even in the worst weather conditions ever.

Leave alone the sketchy designed mailbox you previously had and use a decorative scrapbook, fabric or even wallpaper scraps to cover a magnetic sheet using just decoupage medium as both sealer and glue.

Transform your plain boring sketchy mailbox to a more festive receptacle crate with your homemade magnetic mailbox covers. Making a cover of your taste is much more comfortable.

Supplies Needed:

• Magnetic tape probably 30” of 1/2” wide
• Tape measure (single-fold bias tape)
• A pair of scissors
• Permanent markers or paints, acrylic to be specific
• Foam brush
• Heavy-weight nylon fabric approximately 5/8 yard
• Magnetic sheet or ceramic magnet (3/4” diameter)

Step One

Measure your mailbox from all the dimensions, for instance, from the bottom of either side, over the arch and the bottom of the other side you had not measured.

While measuring a mailbox take note of the following;

  1. The length from the front to the back of the body not to include the edge where the front door is supposed to fit over the body of the box.
  2. Length from the edge of the closed cover used to the front edge of the flag when it is up.
  3. Measure from the edge of the closed cover applied to the front edge of the flag when it is down.
  4. Measure from the top of the flag to the bottom when it is down.
  5. From the top of the box to the bottom of the box used.
  6. The length from the bottom of the flag from the side of the box, over the top and to the bottom of the opposite side of the box used.

Step Two

Use the dimensions that you had measured from the mailbox and cut the piece of magnetic sheet, and remember to include an allowance in case of any measurement that was taken inaccurately.

Step Three

Take the magnetic cover and place it on the mailbox. This will enable you to cut the notch of the mailbox flag, by cutting out the notch for the mailbox flag. That starts from the bottom of the cover on the side up to one side where the flag is attached, arches over and goes straight back down to the other side of the box where the flag is attached.

Step Four

In this step you will design a sketch on the magnetic sheet, this is useful because it will give you an overview of what will appear on both the sides and the cover of the arched top.

Step five

Use permanent markers or acrylic paints to color the magnetic sheet and let it dry completely.

Step six

Do the painting over the top of the already decorated magnetic sheet with an outdoor decoupage medium by the use of a foam brush and let the medium dry before putting it at your mailbox.

All in all, not so sure whether your mailbox is metal or not if not then you will need to place an adapter kit and also knowing the right time to replace your cover or buy a new mailbox especially when it started to fade and is no longer in the appealing condition is essential.