Brick Mailbox Designs That Is Perfect For House

this is a group image of brick mailboxs

When it comes to styling our dream house and thinking about what can be done for it to be more captivating, we tend to go beyond the odds and look further what is modern or what was the good old fashion design that can fit for your style. On that style, designs can’t just be seen inside of the house but also on the outside. Nowadays, people are hooking up with different mailbox designs, not just an ordinary one, but different brick mailbox designs. Yes, we now say goodbye to your simple, boring mailbox that is just attached to your front doors, what’s trend right now is a brick mailbox that has different designs for your wonderful home.


Starting in 7000 BC, people had already been using Bricks centuries ago; hence, it is considered one of the oldest material in the construction field. It was discovered in the city of Jericho around at the southern part of Turkey. The beginning of the trend of brick mailboxes is not that clearly shown, and it is a phenomenal craze where people begun to structures Bricks in different kinds of forms, whether it is for a home building use, the kennel building and even mailboxes.

As time goes by and globalization emerges every day, innovative ideas were also being put forward in the status quo. Blocks were made by hand until around 1885. When the transition to new manufacturing processes developed around the globe, the brickmaking hardware was presented. Therefore, the quantity of dirt’s and clay that could be made into the block was enormously expanded, which affected the creation limit. A handcrafted block creation ran up to 36,000 blocks for every week except by 1925 a Brick machine made 12,000 blocks per day.

the builder is making a mailbox with brick and concrete

During the structure blast of the nineteenth century, when more than 10 billion blocks were created every year, numerous American urban communities like Boston and New York supported privately made blocks. As block structures could be manufactured a lot speedier and less expensive, they supplanted other crude materials like stone or shake.

Talking about the brick mailboxes, design wise is amazing, and the best part is that it is truly sturdy and safe for your mails. To further understand the brick mailbox designs, it is good to know what is the fundamentals materials that are being used to build a brick mailbox. A brick is building material that is being utilized to make dividers, asphalts, and different components in the brickwork development. Generally, the term brick alluded to an unit made out of the dirt; however, it is presently used to indicate rectangular units made of mud bearing soil, sand, and lime, or solid materials. Bricks can be consolidated utilizing mortar, cement or by interlocking the bricks are created in various classes, types, materials, and sizes which differ with district and timespan, and are delivered in mass amounts. There are two essential classes of bricks to take note on which are terminated and non-terminated blocks

Bricks were made in the areas where there are warm climates to avoid so much heat inside the assembly. But one of the greatest discoveries around 3,500 BC was that it’s not just heat-proof, but can also be utilized in cold zones to survive freezing temperature.

You can see a lot of brick mailbox designs in the Western and European parts of the world. These are the locations where you can sight massive brick mailbox designs that are standing either on the side of their front doors and gates or at the end of their lawns. We cannot blame them for that; the sophistication of the designs of every brick mailboxes are at its finest! It is surely indeed brick mailbox designs are one of the best exterior amenities of your house.


this is a modern design mailbox that is built by stone and brick and it has two plant pots

As we already dived into the fundamentals and origins of bricks and the brick mailboxes itself, it is good to know what the style of each brick mailbox designs is that you desire.
Take a look this list of brick mailbox designs to give you an insight with regards to the style of each brick mailbox designs that can inspire the design of a mailbox which will ultimately reflect a personal and creative manner which is perfect for your house as well.


The layout of this brick mailbox design is a semi-circle shape configuration. It is one of the basic designs in Brick mailboxes; it also comes with an elegant style of pie formation. Since it has the basic style, it can also be customized with adding some structures on it, like putting flowers and planters around it customize the design itself with the very your choosing.


Flat top brick mailbox design is a majestic square box that can fit into your modern style house. It can be big and beautiful. It allows you to put some flowers or any designs that you desire on top of it.

If you prefer to not put some flowers or plants on top of your brick mailbox, you can also have a double plat top with two planters as your brick mailbox design which also gives the vibes of modern elegance mailbox.


This shape goes to a point at the top that maybe one of the easiest to familiarize Brick mailbox design because of the structure of its top. It looks much like the peak of a house. Unlike the flat top, you cannot design or put some accessories on top of it; however, and it can be customized into a house-like design which is very classic looking. Also, the saw cuts are important for expert to look outcomes.


this is a house style brick mailbox with two step plant pots on the left side

In my conclusion, it is indeed if you’re looking for more sophistication in the exterior of your house a brick mailbox is a must-have amenity, whether you customize it or not it adds up an elegant looking that can surely, each visitors you’ll welcome in your home. These brick mailbox designs are your guide with regards in choosing which is the best style that fits, not just in your front doors but also in your personality. Always remember that the way we see and wear also describes our character.