7 Best Brick Mailbox Ideas to Play With

We know that today’s world is quite commonly known as “The Machine Age” because technology has spread its wings over everything and almost all the things no matter how small or big that now being modified with the help of technology, for example, electronic chips are being installed into humans, artificial rain, etc. Similarly, the pillar of technology “Internet” has replaced the old means of technology such as letter writing with emails, and other social media sites. According to many top analysts, the conventional mode of long-distance communication, “Letter Writing” has been reduced by almost 90% due to the advent of technology. However, there still are some people in this world who see the importance of letter writing and like to send or receive letters. Therefore, we are going to discuss some suitable brick mailbox prices and the mailboxes themselves so that those people could make the most of their hobby.

  • The Lady Brick Mailbox
the white mailbox is embedded in a red brick castle which shows a slope roof, and at the bottom of the box is the place where the mailbox numbers can be written

The name of this mailbox has been derived from its look because if you look closely at this mailbox, then you will see the curvy image of a lady. This mailbox seems to be very attractive and will surely enhance the look of your home or the garden, of course, depending upon the place where you install it. However, we recommend you this brick mailbox for only small spaces or if you have limited space. Generally, the brick mailbox prices fall in the range of $250 to $1,200, but if you do your homework, then you can find a great piece at an affordable price as well. You can add stone no. Keystone with this brick mailbox is an additional cost as well. You can get this piece for around $495.00.

  • The Queen and the Horseman Mailbox
the black mailbox with a red flag is embedded in the brown brick which looks like an arched gate, there is a small brock groove beside the brick mailbox where flowers and plants can be grown

The tall brick mailbox here denotes the queen and the circular tiles with a bit of grass on the right side pointed the horseman. You can get this brick mailbox for $725. The number is added on the door of the mailbox and gives a nice little touch to it. This mailbox could be a great addition to the beauty of your house. We will recommend that you should place this in a grassy area.

  • The King Mailbox
the black mailbox is embedded in the brick which has an arched roof, mailbox numbers are marked under the box

Unlike the queen and the horseman, you get the king alone at the price of $795. Furthermore, it also does not contain any horseman with it. This brick mailbox comes pre-installed with the stone numbers and keystone. When you look at this mailbox, it gives you more of a masculine look. It can be installed in open places and seems just fine.

  • Masonry Brick Mailbox
the black mailbox is embedded in a cuboid which is made of gray and white bricks, the mailbox numbers are marked under the box

The meaning of “masonry” is stonework. This mailbox is undoubtedly a great work of stone and brick, and it provides you with a great front yard view. No doubt this mailbox is used to be installed at the front yard due to its grace and attractiveness. The masonry brick mailbox comes pre-installed with a number stone, and you do not need to pay for it. It also contains a flat stone cap and can be purchased for $1,225.

  • The Stone and the Lamp Mailbox
the classic brick mailbox owns a complicated pattern on the door of the box, there is a small black iron sheet with the mailbox numbers on it which is embedded in the brick hole at the bottom of the box, a retro lamp is fixed above the mailbox

This brick mailbox is a severe competitor to all the other brick mailboxes which are mentioned in this article because it also contains a beautiful lamp on top due to which it not only shines in the day but also at night and provides your front yard a beautiful view. It comes pre-installed with a lamp and of course the stone no.

the brick mailbox owns a slope roof which looks like a house, the box is embedded in the brick as the house gate. mailbox numbers are marked under the box

As you can see from this mailbox’s picture from below that it offers you a birdhouse which looks like and is an excellent addition to your front porch if you have any kids because kids like such designs. This mailbox comes pre-installed with the stone numbers and has a price of $970. You should seriously consider it if your house’s color is also a bit black because it will surely provide a beautiful sight.

  • The Rook Mailbox
the brick mailbox owns a red and slope roof which looks like a house, the white box is embedded in the brick as the gate, below is a pillar which is made of brick

The Rook Mailbox is also a birdhouse that looks like a mailbox and is also quite similar to the castle mailbox. The only difference lies in color and that this mailbox does not come pre-installed with stone no. That is why it is a cheaper option than the castle, and its price is $775.

  • Conclusion

If you are the one who likes to write or receive letters and if you want to refine the look of your front yard, then you can try any of the mentioned brick mailboxes. Because these brick mailboxes are the top of the line, the brick mailbox prices inevitably fall in the expensive category but these beautiful mailboxes are worth spending.