The History and Classifications of Vintage Mailbox

In modern society, if there is a mailbox outside your house, it is fashionable. In past years, people often receive their letters by hand. But at the beginning of the 19th century, the mailboxes are made up of glasses. Because of the transparent, the owner can see the letters which are inside the inbox.

There are many styles of mailboxes, but the vintage mailbox is one of the best popular mailboxes, do you wonder the history of the vintage mailbox? Here, I will introduce you the history and classifications of the vintage mailbox.


The History

it is a vintage mailbox which carries a carving image and a mail is stucking in the slit of the mailbox

If no one creates accessible mailboxes, the world will be different. Some people have a good idea that is to create a robust container which can be used to hold the letter- the earliest and the essential forms of communication in the world. There are no mailboxes before the 1850s, and the mailboxes become necessary after people use stamps widely and frequently. This way can make people freer send letters. People don’t have to buy postage from the local post office after the marks appear.

In 1863, when the citizens began to enjoy the rights of free city delivery, the mailboxes become the necessity. People didn’t have to pay when the carrier delivers the letters to their house although the residential mailbox works. Until 1923, every family must have a mailbox, or at least you must have a letter slot. These can make people receive their letters, and it is convenient for the workers of the post office carrier.

Vintage Wall Mount Mailbox

it is a vintage wall mount mailbox and some carving images are on the surface

Nowadays, in modern society, people like to attach the mailbox on the walls of their house; we call it a vintage wall mount mailbox. The reason why people create this style of the mailbox is for safety. However, some people don’t care about it, and they think the mailbox can prevent from the rain. But they forget that people often make mailboxes with metal, the rain will make it rust. Also, some mailboxes are made up of woods.

There are some types of vintage wall mount mailboxes in the following.

French Twist

Blink Manufacturing produces the French Twist, and this vintage mailbox is made up of unmixed Galvanized Steel which carries a colorful faceplate.

Arts and Crafts Style

This kind of mailbox is usually hung on the street light, so there is a high requirement for the mailbox height. Arroyo Craftsman produced this vintage mailbox which is different from another mailbox, and people made it with Patinated Solid Base.

Nordic Classic

Lidab built Nordic Classic, which is another vintage mailbox. It has a classical appearance, and people make it with Galvanized Steel.

Hand Hammered

Hand Hammered is outstanding because it is merely handy-made, and it is named according to its name. Waterglass Studios made this mailbox.

The Cast Iron Mailbox

it is a cast iron mailbox like a small house with a post rider, and it is painted antique green

Russia uses the cast iron mailboxes which is the earliest use in the 19th century. Russia is the first country which offers the public post mailbox. They often use the wood mailbox, but it is easy for the thieves to steal mails. As a public response, they created cast iron mailboxes which weigh 45 kilograms. Nowadays, the mailbox is famous for its sturdy and beauty, because many people always attack mailbox.

Besides its toughness, cast iron mailboxes can provide mails from being stolen. There are letter slots and lids which can lock the mail, so we need sturdy letter slots and lids. Many people like it for some other reasons. The color of the cast iron mailboxes is usually black, and it is gorgeous if it is with pattern relief. What’s more, it can last for a long time.

Aluminum Bronze Mail Box

it is a aluminum bronze mailbox with a red flag on it and the brown surface is smooth

Aluminum Bronze Mail Box is another kind of vintage mailbox. This mailbox combines structure and the current time. It has the features of a historical device, the door of it can be locked, and mail flap can be adjustable. People made it with heavy-duty cast-aluminum, you may think it is cumbersome, but you are wrong, the weight of it is light, this stylish and firm mailbox is constructed for all seasons, and it will not corrode.

What’s more, the mailbox height is convenient for post office carrier to deliver mail; the mailbox height of it is 46″. The thick and robust combination of mailbox and post develops quality and artistry to a new level while promoting the appearance of any belongings. There are many decorations, for example, an embossed eagle on the facade of the mailbox, and it makes the mailbox more stylish and more characteristic. There are locks with two keys which keep mail secure; it has the feature of a traditional design, which is locking the door

After you read this article, you will have a better understanding of the history of the vintage mailbox. And you will know two styles, get what you like. The different mailbox has its various customs and different usages, and if you don’t know which one to choose, you should analyze your demands first.