Different Mailbox Height Requirements You should Know

If you want to obey the regulations which the post office of your country puts forward to you, you should know some mailbox height regulations. Every postal office carrier has its mailbox height requirements, so the government employees and the postal office who deliver mails will be more convenient to work.

People must follow the regulations according to the produced mailboxes, and everyone can visit your mails quickly and easily. Besides, if you can’t assure your height of your DIY mailboxes, you’d better be sure of your mailbox height which can meet the requirement of the post office in your country. Different places have different height requirements; I will give you different mailbox height requirements.

Rode side Mailbox Height Requirements

it is a clear picture which can show you the mailbox height requirements

The reasonable mailbox height regulations are 42″ from the bottom of the mailbox to the ground, because mailboxes can have lots of uses, the height of it can range between 41 to 45 inches. From the back of the road or shoulder, the height should be 6 to 8 “; the bottom of it must be between 6 and 8.” We should label our home figures on the mailbox obviously with painting or stickers. Every quantity should be at least one inch bigger. Of course, when you create a brick mailbox, you want to make use of a cast stone digit box. The numbers of the mailbox should appear on the upper apex of your inbox, the workers of postal office carriers can see it quickly and clearly. Besides, the place of the mailbox should not influence the bright machine on working, when it snows heavily, snow plow can work to sweep away the snow on the mailbox, people should stably fix the mailbox in case that it will not fly away when it is hit.

You’d better put your mailbox in a suitable place, so it can make your things more organized. Or the postman will refuse to give an excellent service for you. Be careful that you must put your mailbox to the nearest roadside of your house, if you don’t do like this, your postal address will be incorrect, and the goods will not arrive on time. You should place your mailbox far away from the corner or slope of the highway at least two meters so that we can avoid there is no space to put the car or the traffic jam, and every mailbox should have a sign to make the email provider can find it easily and quickly. If you have finished all the arrangement, you should let the local post office check it, and if they are satisfied with your design, they will give you authorization and license.

Wall-Mount Mailbox

it is a mailbox which is attached on the wall of the door, it is conveneint to receive mails

A black wall mount mailbox is standard in modern society. You’d better understand what the postal regulations are when people connect the mailbox to the outside of the house. Because there are different postal rules for the roadside delivery or the convenient delivery, but it seems unclear for the black wall mount mailbox.

There are four different delivery types of the American postal office, such as city, rural region, roadside, and central place. Before you place your mailbox in front of your house, you must assure whether the workers of walking carrier will come to your home and deliver your mail into this mailbox which is in front of your home. This kind of delivery is used in the city; it is useless in the rural region and roadside. The mailbox height is significant when people place the mailbox on the roadside because the workers of the post office carrier want to visit your inbox directly, and they don’t need to get off. They will set a series of rules, for example, the height of the mailbox and the distance from the road.

What’s more, door slots have detailed regulations so that people can receive mails directly. The base of the aperture can’t be below 30 inches above the floor, and the mail carrier is not necessary to curve too much. However, we can’t find out the standard mailbox height in the U.S. Postal Service recipient services guidelines. Perhaps, the regulations are less strict, because the carrier feels more freedom while they are walking. So, we can deduce from some other rules and regulations. However, we must have common sense firstly. You can’t set the mailbox too high to make the carrier reach it. If you build a remote mailbox, it will not work, so before the building, you’d better have a conversation with the airline.

As we can see from the article above, the different mailbox has different mailbox height requirements. Please remember that when you set up your inbox, you must discuss with the local post office carrier, the mailbox is essential for both of you. You must receive the authorization and license before you build up a mailbox. We should obey the mailbox height requirements. If you have other opinions, please leave a message to us. Thanks for reading.