How to Make a Brick Mailbox

A brick mailbox, as the name suggests, is a mailbox which is made up of brick. People can make the brick mailbox one day; we believe it is easy for everyone as long as they prepare the tools and materials well. Doing this brick mailbox can save you about 300 dollars, so knowing how to make a brick mailbox is essential, and you can spend your time on making it, and it will leave a deep impression to you. Here are the steps about how to make a brick mailbox. 

Step 1: Preparing for Tools and Materials

there is one person who is making brick mailbox by masonry trowel

If you want to make a brick mailbox, not only should you know how to make a brick mailbox, but also should you prepare some critical equipment and materials which you will use during the process of making. You should prepare brush, square, Masonry Trowel, Level, masonry joiner, tape measure, shovel, wheel barrel, Masonry hammer, tuck point (optional), brick tongs (optional but recommended), Rent a Masonry saw (optional), Approx.. 200 8″ brick, 6 bags 60lb each Quickrete Mortar Mix (with sand), 2 8″x16″ blocks (for base), 1 bag 40lb Quickrete Cement mix, 4 10″ lengths of 1/4″ rebar, mailbox, water. 

Step 2: Digging a Hole

a person is using a shovelto dig a hole for brick mailbox, the hole is the base for building a mailbox

The second step to know how to make a brick mailbox is that you have to decide which place you want to build your inbox, and you’d better have a conversation with the local post office to know the regulations, the height of your mailbox, and the distance from the roadside. After knowing the place of your mailbox, you can dig a hole which has 8” deep, 16” wide and 16” long or even more prominent so that it can contain two parallel blocks, and when you place the two blocks, you’d better try yourself to put these at the bottom of the hole. After putting the blocks into the hole, you should use a level to assure that it is horizontal from one side to another side. If the block is not parallel, you can put some stones and dust to adjust the blocks. Then, you should put the reinforcement into the ground through the four holes and leave 4” or 5” reinforcement stick upside the hole. Then you can begin to make concrete according to the instructions.

Step 3: the First Course and After

You can use the trowel to smear the mud around the edge of the bottom and make sure that you can spread the dirt to the width of the brick, and then you can put the block on the mud and knock the block lightly. Do not forget to use the level which can check whether the brick wall will askew or not, you should use a level when you pave the bricks and after you put the block on the mud, use tool to knock it lightly and make the brick settle. You can repeat this action. After finishing the four angles, you should use a square to check corners, and you have to assure the perspective of the four corners is 90 degrees. You can use the trowel to knock the brick lightly to adjust its place.

Step 4: Going up

keeping going up and make sure that the mailbox is a square and every angle is vertical

You can continue to put the brick on the mud and knock it lightly, and then use a trowel to squeeze the extra dirt, at the same time; you have to make sure that the four angles are 90 degrees which it is a square. Besides, you should promise that the sides are vertical. In a word, you should keep all walls upright, and the angle must be 90 degrees. Every time you check the walls. You should check whether it is vertical or not caring; it is so important and has a significant relation to the high quality of the brick mailbox.

What’s more, checking the bricks can make people safe, you don’t want the blocks and muds spread on someone’s bodies, so don’t miss this step. When you reach step 5, you should move your attention to the center of the square. You should build it with bricks, stones, and mud; people can’t see the center part of the square, so you don’t have to smooth the clays. Continue to the next step, you should add center bricks every some courses, and until it can have a distance of 40” from the roadside, this distance is made according to the rules of the local post office. If you build it, you can refer to your local post office rules. When the square reach to 40”, put your mailbox on the top and check the appearance of your brick mailbox.

Step 5: Completing the Top

compleing the top with bricks and concrete and making it radiant

This step needs to cut some bricks into a suitable length. You can have a try according to the safety instructions. You should measure the distance from the cylindrical outer edge to the mailbox and cut the bricks as you need. To the top of the mailbox, you can continue to finish the last step to combine it into the blocks, and then a mailbox comes out; you can use the brush to smooth the outside of the mailbox. Besides, you can put the number on the mailbox and push the screws of the flag into the mortar joint. Before using it, you can leave it for at least one day, and then you can use a new mailbox.