The Best Flowers You Can Plant Around A Mailbox

If your mailbox is installed in the post of roadsides or streets instead of the outside wall. So, you might search for a great way to decorate the mailbox. And now, there is a way of planting flowers which is very fit to deal with the problem. But you may encounter many troubles, because the conditions of the roadsides are often terrible, such as flying ash, traffic smog, pets, and other roadblocks.

Now, let us learn some plants which are very fit to plant.

Annuals vs. Perennial Plants

this mailbox looks better with the decoration of those flowers

The perennial plants refer to the plants that will naturally grow up year by year. They are not only included many flower species, but also shrubs included. It is a great advantage to plant the perennial plants around the mailbox. Because you don’t need to plant it again and again.

What’s more, those plants will shape a close lawn which can prevent the weeds springing up. So it is a great idea to reduce cost. The perennial plants also have some disadvantages. One is that the perennial flower is not colorful than annual flowers, the second one is that the yearly flower bloom time is longer than a perennial herb, the third one is that the annual flower is cheaper than the perennial flower. But the annual flower needs to plant every year, so the total cost is the same.

The advantage of the annual flower is that the color is more abundant, the bloom time is more extended, and the cost is cheaper. For the yearly herb, you can change the flower species every year, which means you can appreciate different scene every year. But the disadvantage is that you should replant it in every year, and generally, it needs more water and more cares to keep healthy growing up.

Perennial Flower

the pink and white flowers, together with vines, twine closely with the mailbox

The best perennial flowers all have those features as follows:

1. They all have a long lifespan. Not all the perennial plant can live a long time, so you would better choose a long lifespan plant species.

2. They will gather together to block the weeds springing up. It isn’t an easy thing to take care of the flowers around the mailbox. So, a plant that can prevent the weeds will provide a clear advantage.

3. They can stand up the adverse roadside conditions, such as the ash, smog, or alkaline earth.

There are some native perennial plant species with those advantages as follows:

 this flower is likely to attract butterflies and they can realize self seed and live forever

•    Daylilies: This might be the best plant in all roadside and boulevard plants. Because it is accessible to full and does not need to divide. What’s more, it has more than a hundred species to choose.

•    Sedum: The sedum also named stonecrop. Many sedum species has a substantial living ability in the dry rock. It also can shape a closely mass.

•   Coneflower: This kind of flower is likely to attract butterflies. Although some plant is a short-lived, they can realize self-seed and live forever.

•    Russian sage: This is a kind woody plant, blooming violet flowers.

•   Lavender: The Lavender plants can stand up the tolerant of harsh conditions.

Great Shrub

the shrubs and white flowers contrast finely with each other

Shrubs are also fit for planting around the mailbox posts. It has many significant advantages like the perennial flowers. There are some great choices, as follows:

•    Rugosa roses (shrub roses)

•    Creeping juniper

•    Potentilla

•    Viburnum

Annual Flower

these beautiful flowers are blooming, which can grow up well in a hard condition

On the roadside or the street where installed mailbox, you can see many beautiful flowers blooming. They can grow up well in a hard condition. The best choice is as follows:

•    Geranium

•    Petunia

•    Snapdragon

•    Zinnia

•    Portulaca

•    Impatiens

•    Annual salvia

Butterfly Garden

 it can attract butterflies and bees to spread flower powder

The area of the mailbox is a great place to plant mixed flowers. It mainly refers to attract butterfly and bee to spread flower powder. Generally speaking, the native flower species are good at drawing butterfly, such as pine flower. Pay attention to that if a butterfly is coming, often coming with a bee. Some delivery man may don’t like the garden that has many bees, but you can tell him: don’t worry, the bees are busying with gathering honey.

Vines for the Mailbox Post

these vines can hide your mailbox and leave a better impression on passersby

Except for the outside area of the mailbox, you also can consider using a vine to hide your mailbox. Such as the morning glory.