Choosing and Making the Colorful Mailbox Covers

Time flies, 2019, is almost passing; there are lots of new designs appearing in the market. When you begin looking through the websites, you can notice many new mailboxes; you will sometimes meet lots of charming designs which are filled with astounding colors and diverse crafts. Ok, not only can you devise the mailbox covers at home but also can you even see these covers through online shops. Also, you can have an order of the colors you like. If your mailbox is cankered or it has been dirty, it is the right time to change them into personalized mailbox covers. Here I will give you some information about the choices of beautiful mailboxes covers and the skills to make it!

Interesting Frogs Mailbox Cover

it is a special mailbox cover which the frog sit on the desk and think about something, which will make your maialbox popular

The beautiful mailbox looks like a little kid who makes it attractive. You can choose the mailbox covers which have the proper color, correct design. You also can determine the covers which the edges exactly suit the beautiful design. Well, the funky volumes contain this design directly, there are lots of much more designs too. However, this one is precisely suitable when your children are at home or in the neighborhood. They will love it.

Lilacs and Cardinal Mailbox Cover

it is a warm mailbox cover that beautiful lilacs surround the cardinal, many birds are singing around them

The beauty of Nature is one of the most delicate attractions all over the world. And that is the reason why many people cherish Switzerland deeply. Well, we can see it from the intrinsic angle of the specialized mailbox covers, the cardinals are staying on a branch of beautiful lilacs with attractive green leaves and rich blue color in the backdrop. Of course, the postman would feel refreshed when they deliver the letters into these kinds of beautiful mailboxes.

Autumn Mailbox Cover

three cats lying on the pumpkins shows a harmony autumn harvest picture

I guess many autumn lovers will be in love with beautiful mailboxes which is like a present for them. The harmonious shade and the attractive design concept mixed with the reflection and shadow, besides, the different colors make this picture more charming. Although people design this mailbox cover for the autumn, it doesn’t need to be used only in the autumn. People can set it on in the other three seasons too. And when your neighborhood sees it, they will first pay attention to the falling leaves.

Pineapple Mailbox Cover

two pineapples wearing glasses sit on the beach, the blue sky is the most beatiful background for them

People design this style of mailbox covers; the idea originates from the different seasons as well as graceful specialized mailbox covers. Most people of us love our feeling while eating pineapples. People draw the pineapples on the mailbox cover so that when you receive letters every time, you will feel tasty of pineapples. The special effects are uncomplicated, and you only need pull a pineapple onto a vinyl, something will happen in a different season, people should cut it right according to the size of the mailbox and paste it on the mailbox. Finally, there will be pineapple appearing, and you can write your home address on the other side.

Anchor and Compass Mailbox Cover

this anchor and compass can show a part of Earth, it is grand and majestic

Put alluring scrip onto your mailbox. The mixture of the classic design and modern colors demands the Anchor and Compass covering on the mailbox. It is an excellent choice for art lovers who expect art roaming every corner of their homes. When people see this particular design, they will gain a deep impression, and then they will ring the bell and show their admiration.

Floral Mailbox Cover

it is a mailbox cover which many colorful flowers bloom and they are smiling at you

We can commonly see there are many floral designs for the mailbox covers. The reason why the designers have this idea is that it is full of freshness. Also, flowers are captivated points for us. Well, there is a Welcome tag which is printed in the middle rather than the mailbox number.  We can write the home address on the lever side. It is like other designs, this design can also make the mind of the mailman refreshed, and it is as rewards of them who deliver letters every day.

The Skill of Making Mailbox Cover

Mailboxes are prevalent in modern society. Decorative mailboxes can attract other people’s attention. So you should have some particular mailbox ideas. Here are some steps for making mailbox covers.

Step 1: You should provide something you need, such as band tape, sheet, shears, pencil, permanent markers, outdoor decoupage medium, and lather brush, and so on.

Step 2: Measure your mailbox from every side, including the bottom, the arch, the front, and the back as well.

Step 3: Step 3: You should get a piece of the magnetic sheet which you have shipped well, and it should have the same size as the size you just got.

Step 4: Put the cover on the mailbox and cut an arch which starts at the bottom of the lid so that you can cut out a gap. This arch extends straight to the other side, which has a flag, and then you can make the span go back to the other hand, which also has a flag.

Step 5: Draft out a design on the sheet. The aim is that it can make more mailbox ideas coming in your mind.

Step 6: Put the Color in your design with lasting markers. Make the sheet dry totally.

Step 7: Paint over the top of the sheet by using a foam brush. You should dry the medium and then place the cover on your mailbox. And then, you will see beautiful mailboxes.


These are some excellent choices and the skills to make mailbox covers. These suggestions are also glamorous, as well as a fabulous option. Of course, we hope you like these choices, we will give more information about mailbox covers, and if you want DIY, you can also try to make mailbox covers according to the steps above.