Best Mailbox Flower Garden Ideas

Increasing attractions to Your Mailbox garden

You must often look up your mailbox instead of another place in your garden. Why do you not change your mailbox area into a beautiful landscape that existed in your sincere heart? If you can maintain it regularly, the mailbox area will be a charming landscape. And a simple chain link fence or a trammel net is contributed to the mailbox landscape’s building.

the mailbox changes your mailbox area into a beautiful landscape that existed in your sincere heart

An Option for the Busy Host

There is a question that: are you sure it is a mailbox garden or just a mailbox in your yard? Whatever, if you are always busy with other things and don’t have any energy to take care of your mailbox landscape. There is some advice for you. Maybe you can plant some perennial species, such as Russia sage, black-eyed Susans and yarrow which are cold-resistant and drought-enduring. If you plant those perennial species, you can free from worry.

you can plant some perennial species to beautify your garden

Hot Summer Annuals Landscape

Do you remember this mailbox garden? Does it look similarly? The canna lilies are blooming, and the others are not in bloom. The red color is very attracting people’s eyes. It will add more charming to your mailbox landscape. In summer days, you also can choose the beautiful sunflowers. This flower always gives us a great mood and makes us full of energy. If you like colorful flowers, the canna lilies and sunflowers are fantastic choices for you.

these flowers will add more charming to your mailbox landscape

A Fashion Mailbox Garden

Generally speaking, the plants that grow up around the mailbox almost face the hardest living conditions. For example, the car fumes, the heat from the pitch and chemical substances in the salty soil. All of those substances will change your mailbox garden into a culture medium garden. If you meet this problem, you can choose pelargonium to plant. This flower can bloom from a beautiful spring to cold winter.

all of those flowers will change your mailbox garden into a culture medium garden

A Butterfly Standing on the Mailbox

As you can see, it is a regular brick mailbox. It might be unsuitable with the cabin style. Although the coreopsis’s growth habit is unlimited, the pure yellow can quickly melt into the out shape of the cabin. What’s more, the red admiral butterfly is feeding on the coreopsis flower nectar.

the mailbox provides a support for this red flower

User’s Problems Might meet

In the Western Australia, there exists a kind of flower species: kangaroo paw plant. If you are living in zones nine or the warmer area, you can plant some red flowers in your mailbox as perennial plants. Those plants are warm cold nights, full sunshine, and sandy soils. If you satisfy this condition, you can choose the kangaroo paw plant to plant in your mailbox garden.

you can plant some red flowers in your mailbox as perennial plants

Wildflowers for a Beautiful Mailbox Garden

The black-eyed Susan is a kind of wildflower. It has a distinct benefit that It can absorb the heat from the earth’s surface. If you are living in a scorching area, those flower species would be an excellent choice for you. Such as beautiful blue lobelia, lupine, hyssop and other blazing stars.

the mialbox is classic in the greden

Widen the Size and Scope

After long years, your mailbox garden’s size and scope maybe get increasing, including your favorite flowers. If you meet this condition, you may need to repair a garden road. For convenient extirpating weeds, pruning branches and ensuring that the mails can be reached in the mailbox with security.

the mailbox decorated by purple flowers is full of vitality

Add Vines to Your Mailbox Garden

Many gardeners use the vertical structure to plant some vines. The vines climb over the chain. It not only can add charming for your mailbox, but also can help you keep birds away from your mailbox. What’s more, you can eat fresh grapes.

vegetable vines decorates your mailbox

Saturated Color

If little flowers are blooming under the mailbox, you can paint the mailbox cover with sky-blue color. Because the sky-blue color can replenish many flowers color.

a green mailbox makes this place quiet and peaceful

Control Exuberant Vines

It is amusing to see a seed becoming a secluded garden. But if without pruning twigs, the vines will be challenging to let you enter the mailbox. If you are not ready to cut the twigs regularly, you will better to choose some small vines, such as sweet peas and black-eyed Susans. To prevent it from going more prominent, you must cut it after the growing season.

a mailbox is a great help to control exuberant vines

Stand-Outs for Shade

Many mailbox gardens are located in the abundant sunshine. But some fresh mailbox garden can choose some other flower species to plant, such as impatiens, toad lilies and bleeding hearts flower.

a mailbox can provide flowers with growing place

Must Man-made Features

a mailbox can provide flowers with growing place

In many landscapes, you can see many human-made features, such as maintenance hole covers, cable boxes and fire hydrants. All of those can be pretended by the landscape rocks which is made of polyurethane. Whatever, the fire hydrant must be equipped in landscapes. But installing a fire hydrant around the mailbox will increase the difficulty level to cut the wild weeds. For our safety, we would better install a fire hydrant.