Wall-Mounted Mailbox Flag Ideas to Try

A flag is generally placed on the side of the mailbox. It usually is used by the user or the delivery person. A letter or parcel is inserted in the box, and you will get a signal. The flag was first introduced in 1915. The postman used to raise the flag after dropping the mail into the box. The house owner would come to know that they had received a letter or parcel. Even the customer used to do that to inform the postman about the outgoing mail.
Nowadays, of course, using the mailbox flag is becoming rare. Also, the postal carriers hardly raise the flag. The developers are even omitting the flag option while designing a mailbox. Also, because of the theft issue, people are becoming alert and use lock system boxes. Still, in some region using of mailbox flag is continuing. Mailbox flags can be with many variations. The flag is attached on the right side, and it is connected with the privately owned mailboxes. So we are discussing a few ideas of wall-mounted mailbox flag.

  • Front Mount Mailbox flag

This first wall-mounted mailbox flag is handy for brick and stone mailbox. It can be mounted easily on the mailbox. It has three attractive colors red, black and white. It is made from durable plastic. It looks brilliant. While purchasing, you will get the mounting hardware as well. It looks quite classy and stylish on the wall. The flag can easily open in the outward direction. The red color is bright and can be noticed from a distance. You can also choose the black or the white one.

  • Post Alert Mailbox Flag

It can be integrated on any surface such as stone, concrete, traditional mailboxes, and stone walls. It alerts quickly about the outgoing mail and using process is easy as well. The mail pickup and compilation are suitable for users. It is also straightforward to install.

  • Yellow Colored Modern Mailbox Flag

This mailbox flag is different, and it is a handmade item. You can even tell the manufacturer to change the color. As it is homemade, you have enough freedom to choose the material as well. The flag will come with the mailbox. If you do not want any complicated design, then you can select this. The installation process is also straightforward.

Though the mailbox looks simple and ordinary, the white and yellow combination looks different. It can be made from metal or plastic with the rustproof feature. The flag is movable to upwards and downwards direction. When there is no mail, you can keep it down. And if the postal carrier needs to empty the box, keep it upwards.

  • Barn mailbox With a Rooster flag

The design of this mailbox is unique, fun, and not so familiar. If you are a fan of rural area’s lifestyle or nature and barn, then try this one. The mailbox is designed as a house, and the flag is like a funnel. This is made from wood, and it has a wall hanging option. The flag is movable. It is red colored, and the front door is big enough to keep parcels.

  • Christmas mailbox

This mailbox is made like a box with a flag designed like a squirrel. It is quite different from the common monotonous ones. The mailbox is crimson colored with “LETTERS TO SANTA”. On the surface, the golden colored flag looks so fascinating.

This mailbox flag is orange which is pretty simple. The body of this mailbox is made without any pattern, so you can decorate it together with your children making it special. Just make others smile when you engage this interest activity without set rules. It can be a challenge and fun experience for your family.

  • Conclusion

In this modern era, we use internet and smart device to keep in touch with others. Mailboxes are disappearing rapidly from our sights. Our busy life hardly has any time to write something down. But the emotion and happiness we feel while receiving a parcel or news physically, cannot be compared to anything else. Even today, mailboxes are used for sending and receiving critical official documents and parcels which are purchased online. House owners still keep the mailbox and decorate it with care to remember the old days. Like the past generation, many likes to add the mailbox flag as well. Also, choosing a colorful mailbox flag with the innovative design will show your taste and creative sides.