Best Types of Mailbox Key In 2019

Every mailbox has a lock and every lock has a key. The main purpose of mailbox key is for security purposes from thieves who might want to steal your information from mailboxes and for privacy purposes. Hence it is vital to keep your mailbox key safe from other people.

Prime-Line Blank Key

These keys are made from solid brass and used with five pin Schlage C keyways. This key has a pack of 50 and available in the market. The key is durable, reliable and affordable to all customers. This mailbox key is exceptional and unique on its own. It is original and comes in spares.

Salsbury Industries 2099 Key

This key is made by Salsbury industries who major in manufacturing quality and distributing mailboxes to residents. This key is constructed from solid brass and has 50 key blanks. Products that are compatible with this key is only made from Salsbury industries. For instance, the lock of the key or an extra key in case you lost a key. The company has been successful from 1936 in manufacturing until today.

Key Blank For Usps Mailbox Locks

National Mailbox Key Blank 50 Pack

Architectural Mailboxes Key

This kind of key is used for the mailbox with a high-security lock with an additional duplicate key. The current key needs to duplicate the key blank and it can only be done at a locksmith to come up with the correct duplicate for the key. The key cannot be duplicated with the automated machine because of the high security level of the lock.

In conclusion, it is important to have a mailbox lock that has a key for security purposes for your mails. The above-mentioned mail key is some of the best mailbox keys that you go for. They are relatively affordable and available in different sizes and make. You should also have an extra mailbox key for emergency purposes.