How to Make And Wrap Your Magnetic Large Mailbox Covers

Turn a simple, boring mailbox into a more festive mailbox with a magnetic cover. Its all depends on you that what cover do you like most, the whole project only takes an hour or less than an hour from the beginning to the end. Try to give every holiday and season a different look by changing different covers, and you also can contribute to families and friends.

First Of All Why Different Sizes For Mailbox Matters?

The Different Sized Mailboxes:

The mailboxes are available in different sizes like (Standard, Large and Jumbo, Etc). Standard mailboxes are 6 1⁄2 x 19 “lengthy, mailboxes of large sizes of about 8 x 21” and mailboxes of jumbo-size are about 18 x 21.
When it comes to shopping, the size of the mailbox cover is tailored to the specific width, length, and location of the mailbox flag.

Measuring The Mailbox:

Measure the length of your box from the front to the back and the width of the door. That will ensure whether you have a standard, significant or jumbo-sized mailbox.
You should go with the standard size, if your mailbox size measures 19 inches long with the door width of 6.5 inches. If the mailbox is more significant than 19 inches like 21 Inches and the door is also big in width, then you can go with in big size.
The customized mailboxes and the jumbo sizes mailboxes are somewhat rare. However, before buying anyone, you have to measure according to your door size and width.

Things You Will Need to Make Magnetic Large Mailbox Covers:

  1. Get a tape measure
  2. A magnetic sheet is necessary
  3. Scissors need to be available
  4. A Pencil
  5. Permanent markers or you can get acrylic paints
  6. Get an outdoor decoupage medium
  7. A Foam brush is essential

Steps That Will Help You To Make A Large Mailbox Covers:

  1. Measure your box on the lower hand, over the arch, and to the other side. Measure your box. Measure it both front and back.
  2. Cut a piece of magnetic sheet with the readings you have just taken.
  3. Place the wooden cover on the mailbox and cut the mailbox flag out by cutting an arch that begins on the bottom of the cap on one end of the mailbox, runs directly to the one side, arches over the flag, and runs directly down on the other side of the flag.
  4. Reshuffle a magnetic sheet layout. The design with the magnetic sheet on the mailbox can be of use to you so that you know what appears on the sides and what will cover the arches.
  5. Color with permanent markers or acrylic colors in your design. Just dry up the magnetic sheet.
  6. Paint with the outdoor cutting medium using a foam brush on top of the decorated magnetic layer. Before you place the cover, let the medium dry.

Attaching The Mailbox Cover:

There is no rocket science to connect the cover with your mailbox. Only two dominant magnetic stripes were already given into you in the mail wrap. Each on the opposite end. Just, put the strips on the bottom of the mailbox, and everything is done. Most of the covers have also included the opening of mailboxes flag.
If you have an aluminum or a plastic mailbox, then you need an extra Adapter Kit. You should add a capacitive sensor strip with the sticky side down at the edge of the mailbox in the bottom.

Wrap Your Mailbox with a Magnetic Cover:

Your post mailbox is not looking good as it looks like a drab, so what you need is given below in detail:

  1. It would be best if you got a new mailbox
  2. Then you can paint the mailbox
  3. Buy a cover if you have not already made it

If you have a non-metal mailbox, there is still an adapter kit available for you. A Pre-Cut separation to slide over the flag is available, so hard you have to do any work easily. In other words, many sweepers take a set of stick-on numbers so that an address number can be determined.
Many of the covers fit on a standard size of mailboxes. So it is important to know that if you have an extra large or extra-dimensional mailbox, it will not look the same. This is a fast way and expensive way to improve the look of your mailbox and also its appearance.