DIY Mailbox Birdhouse Ideas to Beautify Yard

We are easy to change an old mailbox into a beautiful birdhouse. And the birds in your house will appreciate you for offering a wide space. And it does not need too much-complicated skills or special tools to make a mailbox birdhouse, but some both here are some convenient and advanced ways offered here to help you change an old mailbox into a new birdhouse.

Choose an Old Mailbox

  • this is an old rusting black mailbox supported on a wood post
  • it is a red sloped wall mounted mailbox that mounted on the fence

All the standard-sized mailbox are easy to be changed into a beautiful birdhouse. It is easy to find an old mailbox from a thrift store, your neighbors and yard sales while the new mailboxes should be gained from home improvement stores. Except for the most common curved-top mailbox, other shapes mailboxes are also suitable. So this is an ideal project for recycling material, and even some delivery tubes or some plastic boxes that also can be used to make safe and comfortable birdhouses. Even those boxes might have some damage, but it is okay for making a great birdhouse.

Prepare the Mailbox

Turning an old mailbox does not cost too much, but first, we should clean the box thoroughly. And any dropping paint and letters should be got rid of carefully. Only we did those clean steps, and the birds can be live in a safe space. And the screws also should be tied closely. Then, we can drill some small holes to release the water, and some holes along the long sides of the house as a ventilation system. Put the drainage holes in the middle position of the two sides of residence rather than the top of the house. Because of the higher holes are more comfortable to leak water, and the material of house building will block lower vents.

We should drill an entrance on the door to let the birds come into the house. We should locate the holes more closer to the top of the gate than the bottom of the door to prevent the baby birds fell down. They do not need a perch, because adding a more pole means that adding a danger from the hunters. For more comfortable houses, we can choose a nested platform. We can just open the door instead of drilling an entrance hole, and let it remain open as a convenient ledge, or altogether remove the door.

Birds are not picky about the out-shape of the birdhouse, but if you do some decorations on the mailbox, the birdhouse will be a beautiful scene in your garden. Although, the inside of the house should be exposed to prevent the birds from touch the toxin things, we can decorate the outside in anyways. The type of vinyl or magnetic mailbox covers are easy to be painted, and the boxes can use the moss, pebbles, twigs, or other items to decorate. We can do something more to make it more elegant, such as adding the house number or the name of birds type to the decoration.

Mount the House

The mailbox birdhouse is easy to be installed on a post, just like the box is still used to postal delivery. But, this mailbox birdhouse really should be kept away from your real mailbox, so the birds will not be confused by the mailbox birdhouse and the actual mailbox. Installing the mailbox birdhouse in a sheltered and shady place will create more attractive to the birds. What’s more, the mailbox birdhouse also can be posted on the fence railing or the trees But for the stability, putting a twig or a wooden post under the mailbox birdhouse will be more significant.

The mailbox birdhouse also can be hung, but it must drill some small holes on the house roof to connect the chain, cord or twine. If the mailbox birdhouse is attached, we should put it in a sheltered place with low wind power because many birds will not choose a swing house to be their home.

Clean the Mailbox Birdhouse

  • it is a white mailbox birdhuse with a red flag, which paints every bird welcomes. and a little bird is sitting on the red flag
  • this is a villa shaped mailbox and a little bird is sitting on the door. it is very amazing with the sunshine lighted,
  • this is a beautiful wood mailbox birdhouse. it is very delicate.

The mailbox birdhouse should be cleaned regularly to entirely reduce the bacteria or insect that might injure the birds. As the broad place of the mailbox, so it is easy to be cleaned. You just need to open the door or take out the front wooden board, and then use the rag that dampened with weak bleach to wipe the inside. At last, you can reinstall the mailbox birdhouse to make it recycle using.

The upgraded and recycle project adds more charming to any type of bird’s yard. The mailbox birdhouse is a small choice, and it can reuse the old materials and provide a unique and comfortable living space for many birds. So let us do it together.