5 Best Large Locking Mailboxes Reviews

Identity thefts have become a common phenomenon nowadays, especially in urban areas. This has forced many homeowners to select, buy and install large locking mailboxes in their homes. In this article, we will highlight the best large locking mailboxes for residential homeowners. I have six best mailboxes that are made of metal, galvanized steel, and are easily mounted. Let us find out what these mailboxes are.

1. Architectural Mailboxes 6200 B-10

The architectural Mailbox is a large, heavy-duty and easy to install for homeowners. It is a suitable storage place for letters and small parcels. This mailbox is made of thick solid-built galvanized steel. Its doors are well fitted with rubber seals that offer maximum protection to the mails and parcels from moisture and dirt. The mailbox is equipped with a non-corrosive seal that gives your inbox maximum protection.

2. Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Mailbox

This is a unique model that is made of thick steel materials that give it durability. The box is weather resistant and secure as it comes with well-fitted rubber seals. The box is large enough to receive and store large parcels. It is one of the safest and reliable locking mailboxes.

3. Salsbury Industries 4460

This is a wall-mounted type of mailbox that comes with a great adjustable stop and a standard lock with 2 keys. This Salsbury industry product is well secure and ensures that your contents are well protected until you get them yourself. It is a more reliable option for both individual/residential and commercial use.

4. Mail Boss 7500 Epoch Mailbox

Are you looking for a large, heavy-duty and a secure mailbox? If so, getting this mailbox is precisely what you ought to do. It is a large secure mailbox thanks to its unique, patented anti-pry mechanism. This protects your parcel deliveries from identity thefts. It is durable because it is made with galvanized steel and coated to ensure it doesn’t rust at all. This also is a waterproof storage facility.

5. Mail Boss 7162 Metro Locking Security

This is another mailbox that comes with unique locking mechanisms and a galvanized steel material that makes it durable. It is a large wall-mounted type of mailbox that suits all your needs. It is a modern design that is eye-catching to look at and have in your residence or commercial place.