Why You Should Choose Free-Standing Mailboxes

this is a rialto mailbox freestanding panel and the mailbox is from sandleford

Firstly, let’s get to see what the freestanding mailboxes are.

Just like it’s the term describes it, mailboxes are the boxes you put your mails you wish to send in and also the same boxes with which you receive letters. Due to technological advancements over the years, there have been different kinds of mailboxes or if you might want to add the electronic mailboxes but right here in this article, our concentration is not on those. 

People do mistake the freestanding mailboxes to the regular kinds you find around. These types of mailboxes like the name freestanding suggest are not mounted on any surface but stand independently on its own as they serve as an alternative to the wall-mounted mailboxes.

The use of the freestanding mailboxes makes the delivery and collection of mails convenient.

Freestanding mailboxes do give the user his or her much-needed privacy as these types of mailboxes do come with locks which unlike some of the wall-mounted mailboxes, keep the mails private and just for the owner’s eyes and away from other prying eyes.

With the rate of theft these days, both property and identity theft, using a mailbox without a lock do not seem safe and as such might be considered a bad idea but as far as the freestanding mailboxes are concerned, your mails, be them utility bills or any kind whatsoever tend to be safe. 

this is a modern mailbox that designs a cross arm to support the black mailbox

Due to its independent nature of standing alone, the freestanding mailbox would need some fixing to the ground so it does not get easily moved or it does not fall to the ground as well as some of them do weight some 50, 60, 70 pounds or more depending on their size and material with which it was made which would make it heavy for some people to lift or move around alone.

Some do have the issue of being worn out over time though due to the materials they may be made with and where you tend to keep them. For a freestanding mailbox to be kept outside the home, that is one use for residential areas, it should be best if it is made of better quality like heavy-duty cast aluminum or the like to enable it to withstand rain and other weather elements.

this is a freestanding locking parcel mailbox that made from thick heavy gauge galvanized steel

The freestanding mailbox does come in different sizes, styles and has different features depending on which one might catch your fancy. There are mailboxes like the Gibraltar Mailboxes, the Step2 Mailboxes, Mail Boss, PEELCO, Flambeau Mailboxes, 4EVER freestanding dropbox, and the list goes on.

If you want to enjoy convenient delivery and collection of your mails, in a secure and safe way for a long time, then the freestanding mailbox will do you a lot of good and is always the best choice no matter the type or brand you might decide to purchase or where you might want to them to be used by it for industrial or for residential purposes.