The Instructions of Mailbox Replace kit

In modern society, many people are in favor of the user mailbox.  The mailbox brings a large amount of convenience to people. But sometime, their inboxes will be rust and broken, because it will go through severe climates and ultraviolet lights. So mailbox replaces kit is necessary for people who want to repair the mailbox. As we can see from the constructions of our inbox, the mailbox replace kit includes flag, key, numbers, posts and the covers and so on.

   Here, I will give you some instructions of mailbox replace kit which you can choose when you want to repair your mailbox

Mailbox flags replacement

it is a red flag replacement and the color is easy to notice and it has some essential fittings for us to use

If you break your mailbox accidentally or you wish to change your inbox, you can have a mailbox replacement flags. It is essential for the people who don’t have mailbox temporarily. Besides, if you want to know whether your emails have arrived or not in a long-distance, the flag is a crucial choice. Here are some replacement flags below.

Gibraltar Replacement Flag Kit

This kind of Gibraltar mailbox flag replacement kit can resist rusts, and it is also cheap and well-designed. Many people like the red color, but some of them may notice that the package can’t offer it. It is composed of a sign, support, and all the hardware and installation instruction. This flag kit weighs 12″x 6″ x 2″, and it also suits every mailbox which weighs 0.3 ounces. If you want a mailbox flag replacement kit, please choose it.

it is a key and lock for the mailbox and every lock has two keys at least
Mail Time Mailbox with Alert Signal Flag

This mailbox replace kit is suitable for the people who are looking for a beautiful mailbox. But it is a little expensive. It is made in America, but people can break the spring naturally, and it is suitable for the mailbox, which is metal and plastic. People can see it in a far distance; the yellow color on it is noticeable. Besides, its replacement flag alert won’t go wrong, and this is the reason why many customers like it.

Mailbox Key Replacement kit

Mailbox Key Replacement is one of the primary mailboxes replace kits for us. We need to keep your mails and letters safe, so making sure your key is crucial for people.


Prime-Line Blank Key

The manufacturer makes this key with solid brass, and people use it with five-pin Schlage C keyways. You can buy this key in the shop. This key is durable, and people can afford it. This key is exceptional and outstanding on its own, besides, it is original, and it has spares.

Salsbury Industries 2099 Key

Salsbury industries make this key with solid brass, and it has 50 key blanks. If you lost your key, the others of this key would be locked. This factory has made this key successfully from 1936 until now.

Mailbox Numbers replace the kit

it is an entire mailbox and there are three DIY numbers on the surface

Mailbox numbers replacement is another primary mailbox replace kit. The designs of numbers are prevalent in modern society, and it can make your inbox more attractive, it is one of the cheapest packages for people.

BRASS – Self Adhesive Mail Number

This reflective mailbox number is made up of solid brass whose color is also beautiful. Usually, the size of it is from 2” to 3” which will decide by the manufactures. People can see it clearly at a long distance because of its bright and shiny color. The particular function is that these numbers can stick by itself, so you don’t have to look for any glue or screws. This kind of the number of replacement kit can resist any adverse climates.

Architectural Mailboxes Key

People like to use this kind of key to keeping their mails safe, and they have a high standard of security. The only locksmith can find the right copies because of the high standards of safety.

The mailbox posts replacement

it contains four types of mailbox posts replacement, and each post has its characteristics

The mailbox posts is also a primary mailbox replace kit. There are different materials to make posts, such as woods, aluminum.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Landover Aluminum Black Mailbox Post

People make this kind of posts with extruded steel and reinforced aluminum, and it has a deep durable. The beautiful cross belt and decorative post have a distinctive and fashionable design which can enhance the level of every house. Landover can provide a different standard of size, and people can install it easily.

The Architectural Mailboxes Post with A Decorative Black

The board of this mailbox post kit is about 3”, and it is galvanized stainless steel pipe. People can install it on the ground quickly. The powder covers both parts, and it also has all the installations.

In this article, we can know some mailbox replace kits and some instructions and information about how to choose these kits. Different people have a different choice, but mailbox replace kit is necessary. You’d better prepare it well in case your inbox won’t work accidentally.