The Different Antique Mailbox and Mailbox Posts

Nowadays, there are many kinds of mailboxes, every mailbox has its characteristics, and the mailbox posts are also crucial to the inbox. Here, we will help you to get well known with one of the styles of mailboxes, the antique mailbox, and the mailbox posts. These instructions will help you find a suitable mailbox. Looking mailboxes online is more convenient that the mailboxes which you should look for in the local hardware store.

However, sometimes, people will feel confused about how to choose an antique mailbox. Well, we will give you more information below.

Antique Rural Mailbox

it is an antique mailbox which is standing in the rural environment, grass and flowers are all around it

The style of this kind of mailbox is an antique mailbox. People made the antique rural mailbox with aluminum. It is covered with four types of powder, and this antique mailbox is suitable for every family who wants to add an antique appearance to their house. Every Rural Mailbox has its features which include a 1/8″ deep extended aluminum part and a door and back cover which are with 1/8″ thick die-cast aluminum. A magnetic door locking and a flexible burgundy signal flag are its features, the mailbox can install on the pillars which are standard, classical and well decorated. There are many colors of mailbox posts that you can choose to match your antique mailbox wonderfully. There are all the parts you can buy online. You can buy it on the website. The antique rural mailbox can transfer mails, and the American government allows this.

There are some install regulations. When you install your mailbox, please make sure that the post office carrier can visit easily. According to the rules, it should be 41” to 45” from the ground bottom to the inside floor of the box. It should be in a distance of 6 to 8 from the door to the edge of the road, and you’d better refer to the rules before you install your mailbox.

Antique Brass Wall Mount Mailbox

It is a brass mailbox which is hanged on the wall, the appearance of it is a little bit shinning

Antique Brass Wall Mount Mailbox is another antique mailbox, and it is a personalized mailbox which gives a better service to the complicated homeowner. It has many kinds of appearance, styles, and sizes, people often install an antique brass wall mount mailbox on the entry of your front door. When you install this mailbox, you may use drills, mounting screws, and anchors, and you can install it vertically or horizontally. The styles of Brass wall mount mailboxes are various from Victorian to modern. The manufactures designed this kind of mailbox which can install vertically and horizontally so that they can fix it easily and quickly.

It is easy for people to install the mailbox; most manufacturers provide the instructions of installation. When you install it, please use enough length to fix the mailbox. For the wooden wall, the length of the screw should be one inch, for the concrete, masonry, or metal wall, the length of the screw should be at least 8”. You can buy antique Brass Wall Mount Mailbox from the famous online shops, don’t choose too cheap mailbox. If you spend extra money, which can decrease your trouble, why not?v

Be Attention to Mailbox Posts

it is a wooden mailbox post which is standing in the grassland, the black mailbox is on the post, and it is so fashionable

The mailbox posts are another factor to the preconized mailbox. A 4×4 inch wooden post is the typical standard mailbox post. However, people can manufacture posts with different materials. Most People like to choose wooden posts; it is an easy and economical choice for the people who want to make posts. The standard 4×4 inch post is the cheapest. Cedar and rosewood can resist insects well, but they are easy to be rot if they are buried. The wood which can’t be processed can’t last for a long time, and they become rot quickly. But don’t worry, people often manufacture the woods with anti-corrosion technology which will strengthen the resistance of insects and rot, remember to cover a protective agent on these woods, or it will be broken. The wooden packages which have the extra function of supports, the online sellers can provide a wood sticker for you.

The aluminum material is the most durable, and it can’t be rot. It is more expensive than any other metal materials. The large mailbox needs the aluminum post to support it. The distinctive mailbox can give elegance and function to any views. The black mailbox post is a standard post, and many people like using it. The black mailbox post can create more attractive beauties, and many neighbors will admire your black mailbox posts.

Besides, you’d better choose the posts carefully, each year there are about 100 drivers died because of the hitting to the mailbox, some posts are sturdy when the accident happens, the car will be damaged seriously, and the driver will be hurt or even died. With a careful survey, choosing suitable posts can save your money, and it will decrease more troubles.

Here, I have posted two kinds of antique mailboxes, and some are a personalized mailbox, every mailbox has its different characteristics, so make sure your choice is the most suitable and pay attention to the importance of the mailbox posts. If you have any questions after reading this article, welcome to leave comments here.