Personalized Mailbox Covers Designing Ideas You Can Try

Mailbox is regarded as furniture to transfer information, love, and care. As time flies, mailbox technology and its designs are developing fast, especially mailbox covers. There comes a lot of personalized mailbox covers designing ideas with modern materials. Instead of using simple wood or metal materials to make the mailbox cover, people now prefer more ecological and beautiful decorative materials. The mailbox can become an excellent signal for the house owner’s sense of beauty. Here we list five personalized mailbox covers that you can try or get your front yard decoration ideas.

1. Tree Birds Magnetic Mailbox Cover Vivid Design

This unique design comes from Toland Home Garden. It’s made out of magnetic. But from the look, you’ll find the convention idea of eco life that the designer wants to convey. This personalized mailbox cover presents us with a harmonious scene: colorful and active birds are stopping on a tree peacefully. Because of the excellent design, it is available for all seasons. It is a perfect choice for those cherish nature and admire a natural decoration style with plants and bright colors. Moreover, you’ll have no worries about the durability since it’s made from long-lasting vinyl which can efficiently resist UV, fade, and any bad weather you can imagine. But it’s not quite suitable for those who prefer modern and simple decoration with a single color.

2. Autumn Pumpkin, Sunflowers, and Apples Magnetic Mailbox Cover

If you appreciate the color of autumn, you will definitely love this mailbox cover picturing with pumpkin, sunflowers, and apples. These items represent harvest. You can feel hope and success by looking at this design. As more personalized mailbox covers appear in the market, we can notice that these stylish designs are mostly inspired by our life or nature details. They’re not rigid as traditional ones full of coldness even though are functional enough. More importantly, personalized mailbox covers like this one shall help you differentiate your mailbox and yard decor from your neighbors. What’s more, this mailbox cover is very convenient to install on your mailbox. The only thing that may bother you is that it is more suitable for autumn or winter season.

3. Flower and Leaves Mailbox Cover

Personalized mailbox covers are designed to match up with the needs of different families decorated in diverse styles. But this mailbox cover can perfectly fit for multiple decoration styles. Whether you decorate your house in a modern style or Medieval style, you will find this magnetic cover suitable for your mailbox. It’s also a long-lasting mailbox cover made out of durable and weather-resistant vinyl. Meanwhile, its vivid design welcomes all seasons. You’ll never feel it out of style due to its natural and original artwork.

4. Winter Birds Snowy Magnetic Mailbox Cover

This personalized mailbox cover is the best choice for winter. You can see the snow, trees covered by flakes and lively birds in the cold winter. What a beautiful scene! It looks awesome for your front yard decoration in freezing winter. People who see it can feel sweet and warm. While spring is coming. You can change the mailbox cover for other designs anytime if you don’t think it’s appropriate for your mailbox anymore. The manufacturer who produce this cover also has other impressive personalized mailbox covers. You can purchase from this manufacturer for all seasons. Change the mailbox cover, update a new yard style.

5. Welcome Floral Kitty Spring Magnetic Mailbox Cover

Do you like kitty surrounded by flowers and spring atmosphere? If you say Yes, then this is your best option for distinguished mailbox cover. It’s made of durable materials. Although it’s designed in spring and summer style, you can use it for fall and winter without worrying about its sustainability. This design will attract children because of the welcome cat’s loveliness and smartness, undoubtedly. Also, it will perfectly match up with the plants and flowers built-in your yard. One thing you have to notice that you must install it in accordance with the right instructions. Otherwise, you’ll take the risk to break its design or accessories. Of course, most of the time, people will get the right installation easily.

Some tips you need to know while selecting mailbox online

  • Look into the detailed information for the product you are interested in.
  • Check the dimensions. If your mailbox size is bigger or smaller than the cover you’re looking at, you’d better give it up.
  • Make sure that these personalized mailbox covers are durable as you expected.
  • Ask customer service about the shipment, products warranty, and installation guidelines before you give the payment.
  • Be careful with where your money will go.


There are a large number of personalized mailbox covers you can choose from for your unique mailbox decoration. But to select a mailbox cover that satisfies you most, you may need to consider lots of factors, such as design, dimension, durability, warranty and installation problems. If you want a unique style for different seasons, the personalized mailbox covers listed above might be good options for you!