Classic Black Wall-Mounted Mailboxes To Consider

A black wall-mounted mailbox is one of the best types of mailboxes that can provide your home with beauty in front of the house. They come in different styles, models and sizes. The following are the types of black wall-mounted mailboxes that can suit your specifications.

City Classic Wall-Mounted Mailbox

People in the urban environment mostly use this kind of mailbox. This personalized mailbox is decorated with a gold number on the front panel, which enhances warmth, beauty and charm on the box. The mailbox is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel that is courted with a durable powder to prevent it from rusting and weathering. The city classic is reliable and the best product that can provide the homeowners with durable services for many years.

This black wall-mount mailbox is spacious and provides enough space for all types of mail, including rolled magazines because of its size. This black box is designed for recessed installation. Its overall dimension is 15” H by 14.5” W by 8” D.

Features of the mailbox:

• Coated with a powder finish safeguard against rust and weathering.

• It has a decorative fleur-de-lis emblem.

• Emblem requires minor assembly.

• Easy-lift tab lid operates smoothly.

Black Bali Horizontal Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Today, many people talk about emails, but few people still love to collect postcards, letters and catalogs on the classic mailbox. This black wall-mounted mailbox is designed with an envelope inspired box and two hooks for holding a paper. It is designed specifically to live outdoor and crafted with weather-resistant aluminum that holds up rain and the UV light. The standard measure for this mailbox is 12 x 11.2 x 4.5 inches.

Features of the box:

• Various colors can be chose.

• Pre-drilled holes make for easy installation.

• Newspaper holder makes space not so crowded.

The Black Large Size Capacity Locking Wall-Mounted Mailbox

As we always say, good design starts with great designers. This type of black wall-mounted mailbox is special because of its spacious space and size. It is made from the aluminum material which is rust-resistant and water. The material is used of high quality hence does not fade. It is also secure and safe for your mails because of the presence of lock at the door.

The features of the mailbox:

• The mailbox slot is 9.7” W by 12.57” H.

• Rust-resistant provides a long service life.

• The designer mailbox holds plenty of mail and is intended for recessed installation.

Black Villa Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Black Villa wall-mounted mailbox is constructed aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant. This wall-mounted mailbox has large compartments for bundle mails and magazine with a classic design. It is meant for those people who are highly stylish.

The dimension of the mailbox:

• The standard measurement (Overall) is 14.75 x 4.5 x 13 inches.

• Distance between screw holes is 3 inches.

Black Olympus Locking Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Olympus locking wall-mounted mailbox is best for commercial and residential use because of its innovative anti-fish bin door to prevent theft. It is also ideal restaurants, rental facilities, schools, corporate mail center, convenient stores, residential areas, private postal centers, manufacturing plants, and military bases. This mailbox has a unique feature like stainless steel piano hinges for easy use, longevity, and durability.

Features of the mailbox:

  • Distance between holes on the back of mailbox is 6.5 inches.
  • Innovative baffle door accepts small parcels, packages, and a box of checks and also deters fishing.

For those people who still like good designs in front of their houses, the mailbox is still the best option for you instead of emails. The black wall-mounted mailbox bring beauty and styles to your home, and they are safe because of the features they have.