8 Most Secure Mailboxes for Homes

It is one thing to have a mailbox and your emails or parcels delivered, but it is also another to keep them safe till you reach them or they are dispatched. The most excellent feature that any homeowner would need to consider while acquiring and installing a mailbox is its security. How safe is your email and the information in it, who reaches them before you get them, how protected are your parcels from extreme weather and how security is the container against destruction? Here are some of the most secure mailboxes for homes.

1. Mail Boss 7418

As the name suggests, this security wall-mounted mailbox allows you to conveniently receive emails of any types at any time of the day. Made of high security galvanized steel, the mailbox also features an anti-pry latch patent mechanism which has tempered the steel cam of chrome-alloy, 12-disc wafer lock and laser cut three keys. The steel material is powder-coated to protect it from adverse climates and perfectly designed a bin door to cut off any fishing making it one of the best secure mailboxes for homes.

2. PEELCO 30″ Package Drop Boxes & Lockers

This is one secure mailbox for homes that accommodates all types of mails due to its large size. Its security is guaranteed by the availability of four uniquely different keys, a robust and sturdy rail that guards all the mails against theft. It is made of magnetic door latch to keep the for tightly closed and in position, thick powder coating and galvanized stainless steel securing your emails from climatic extremes.

3. Salsbury Industries

The Salsbury hardware is made of heavy-duty aluminum and galvanized steel and varied coat powder finishing of bronze, sandstone, green, black or grey materials thus making it a secure mailbox for home. It is only front doors accessible; the two doors are made of a heavy-duty 5 pin cylinder cam lock with a rain shield and 3 keys.

4. Architectural Mailbox 6900B Elephantrunk

This parcel drop box is secured to the ground with bolts, made of cast aluminum and galvanized steel making it resistant to damages and its acoustic design prevents climatic images. It ranks to be among the top secure mailboxes for homes by its 2-key pry-resistant system in the retrieval door.

5. Column Mount Mailbox- dVault DVU0050

Commonly referred to as dVault Parcel Protector, its patently secure door restricts any retrieval of dropped mails, Posi-Lock with keys to cut out any prying makes it a secure mailbox for homes. The mailbox is made of steel of 16 gauge and has a highly graded powder coat finishing that protects your emails from any breakages and climatic extremes respectively.

6. Serene Life SLMAB06

It has a large capacity giving one the assurance of all emails being kept safe and out of reach whenever they are away. The Serene Life mailbox is made of galvanized steel that is secure from destruction in addition to the black powder coating that makes it resistant to extreme weather. It also has magnetic door cover, two reserved non-duplicable key locks and a perfectly engineered flap that prevents any malicious activity of fishing the mails or stealing.

7. Step2 Mail Master

This is one of the most secure mailboxes for homes catering for piles and large volumes of emails and parcels. It has a massive plastic construction that is resistant to breakages and destruction, magnetic doors on the front and the rear to keep the doors in tightly closed in place and a back-end flap to keep the emails from falling.

8. Architectural Oasis Mailbox

The mailbox is made of galvanized steel to guard mails against break-in, the powder coating, and seals made of rubber for climatic extremes keeping letters clean and dry. This secure mailbox for homes has a classic and innovative lock system and brackets that are pry-resistant, giving assurance on safety for homeowners.