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    Different Mailbox Height Requirements You should Know

    If you want to obey the regulations which the post office of your country puts forward to you, you should know some mailbox height regulations. Every postal office carrier has its mailbox height requirements, so the government employees and the postal office who deliver mails will be more convenient to work. People must follow the regulations according to the produced mailboxes, and everyone can visit your mails quickly and easily. Besides, if you can’t assure your height of your DIY mailboxes, you’d better be sure of your mailbox height which can meet the requirement of the post office in your country. Different places have different height requirements; I will give…

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    Things to Know About Cluster Mailboxes

    Mailboxes are often overlooked in modern society. Most of this situation will be more obvious in the purchase of new homes. Because most families only consider the house itself when they buy a house, and will not discuss whether to buy a house with a mailbox, or whether to buy a new suitable mailbox. Older generations may consider the mailbox to be a thing, and most of young people will not. In the case of the constant tightening of the mailbox market, it is necessary to consider that the post office that can continue to operate has begun to have new demands, that is, the upstream manufacturers themselves must have a kiosk, which is…

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    DIY Mailbox Birdhouse Ideas to Beautify Yard

    We are easy to change an old mailbox into a beautiful birdhouse. And the birds in your house will appreciate you for offering a wide space. And it does not need too much-complicated skills or special tools to make a mailbox birdhouse, but some both here are some convenient and advanced ways offered here to help you change an old mailbox into a new birdhouse. Choose an Old Mailbox All the standard-sized mailbox are easy to be changed into a beautiful birdhouse. It is easy to find an old mailbox from a thrift store, your neighbors and yard sales while the new mailboxes should be gained from home improvement stores.…

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    7 Personalized Mailbox Covers Ideas in 2019

    The year 2019 has gone half past, and plenty of new designs have hit the market. When you start surfing for the new mailbox covers ideas for 2019, you will come across many enchanting designs filled with amazing colors and multiple crafts. Well, you can either design the mailbox cover at home or can even visit the online stores and order the best colors you see. If your mailbox is rusty or has taken too much drab, then it is the perfect time to go for a personalized mailbox cover. Check out the 7 personalized mailbox covers ideas in 2019 that can make the outer appearance of the home attractive:…

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    Standard Mailbox Height For Your House

    Are you interested in making your mailbox? If yes, then a standard mailbox is the best choice for you. However, it is not easy to make one without understanding the correct specification of what you need. Therefore, knowing the standard mailbox height is essential because it is one of the requirements when buying or making a mailbox. Here is what to look for in a mailbox. Requirements for Exterior Environment Mailboxes The bottom height of the standard mailbox can be 41 inches or low and not higher than 45 inches from the ground. The mailbox that is positioned too high or too low can be a disadvantage to both the…

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    Features of Modern Wall- Mounted Mailbox

    Modern wall-mounted mailboxes have been stylish and fashionable to many homeowners in the recent past. The main reason has been due to the fact that they have many homeowners taste and value at heart. If you are particular about style and home aesthetic appeal, then modern wall-mounted mailboxes are the best to take on. One may still wonder, what do I still need to know about this kind of mailboxes? Worry not this article will break it much better for you. Modern wall-mounted mailboxes have strength, and they are stable and durable. It is more available and comes in multiple finishes that one can choose from depending on what best…