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    The History and Classifications of Vintage Mailbox

    In modern society, if there is a mailbox outside your house, it is fashionable. In past years, people often receive their letters by hand. But at the beginning of the 19th century, the mailboxes are made up of glasses. Because of the transparent, the owner can see the letters which are inside the inbox. There are many styles of mailboxes, but the vintage mailbox is one of the best popular mailboxes, do you wonder the history of the vintage mailbox? Here, I will introduce you the history and classifications of the vintage mailbox.   The History If no one creates accessible mailboxes, the world will be different. Some people have…

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    Information You Need to Know about Mailboxes on Highways

    On some American highways, there are some high-efficiency transport systems which are responsible for the security of passengers. Many accidents happen because the cars collide. And some times, denoters might be barriers for many drivers. Often, the results are that more and more losses of life and property. One way to reduce the accident frequency is that more tests should be done including development of the traffic lights and mailboxes. All of those efforts are made for a safer driving. Some technologies have emerged such as the test for mailboxes. One of those actions is that the organizations like mailbox manufacturers will make cooperation with governments to offer and install…

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    Top 6 Mailbox Flag Replacement Product Reviews

    1.MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag The MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag is known as its size from all kind of mailbox flags. Its dimension is 1x1x16 inches. It has a great visible ability. This mailbox flag is made from a metal material, and it is easy to install. What’s more, the mailbox flag cover is powder-coated to prevent going bad. The cost of this kind of mailbox is not expensive, so it is a great choice for most people 2. Miles Kimball AVM-01 Automatic Visual Mail Signal In the five products, Miles Kimball is known as it’s Automatic Visual Mail Signal function. The design of it is exceptional. On the…

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    Personalized Mailbox Covers Designing Ideas You Can Try

    Mailbox is regarded as furniture to transfer information, love, and care. As time flies, mailbox technology and its designs are developing fast, especially mailbox covers. There comes a lot of personalized mailbox covers designing ideas with modern materials. Instead of using simple wood or metal materials to make the mailbox cover, people now prefer more ecological and beautiful decorative materials. The mailbox can become an excellent signal for the house owner’s sense of beauty. Here we list five personalized mailbox covers that you can try or get your front yard decoration ideas. 1. Tree Birds Magnetic Mailbox Cover Vivid Design View on Amazon This unique design comes from Toland Home…