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    Five Wonderful Personalized Mailbox Covers

    In America, people all like personalized things which can show their characters. Of course, the mailbox in the garden can show your personality when your friends or relatives visit your house. The design of mailbox covers doesn’t have so many claims, and you can draw whatever you like according to the size of the mailbox covers. You can buy blank sheets and draw something interesting on it with your families. Some mailbox covers are cool, while others are lovely, you can choose whatever you like. Some people like bright colors to reflect their enthusiasm. So you’d better consider which mailbox covers you like before you buy it. Meanwhile, the personalized…

  • this wooden mailbox blends with the whole surroundings

    Factors That Make Mailboxes Change

    The number of phishing cases has been increasing over the years. Later, a new mailbox was invented by post office employees to fight mailbox crime. Mail phishing is a low-tech activity, but it’s one of the most annoying. The thieves had their own method of putting plastic bottles coated with a special substance into the slot of the mailbox in the death of night. Later, all kinds of important documents, such as letters, gifts, and checks, will be thrown out. This is definitely no technical content operation. This low-level modus operandi is common in some states in the United States. This behavior is mailbox fishing. There are already many programs that have been used to combat email…

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    7 Reflective Mailbox Numbers Ideas in 2019

    Though this is an era of internet and smartphone, it is still a necessity to accept letters or physical mails. To solve this purpose we need to install a mailbox just outside our homes and even bring it a unique number so it will be helpful for the postman to deliver the essential letters to the right mailbox. Even from ancient time, people invented many designs and ideas to make the mailbox more lucrative. Various types of mailboxes such as metal, wood or plastic are still in use to make the mailbox look more attractive. Not only mailbox, but you will also find many designs and ideas for the mailbox…